Flex files


Brand: Limas
model: Flex Sunshinec
omposition: 100% Cotton
Panel Dimension: Width 24 to 45 cm, height 30 to 41 Cmcol
or: Pink and White
price: €130

Yaro Bt 33


Brand: Yar
omodel: BT33
Composição: 100% Cotton
Size: 5G
ramm:250 g/m2 color:
Pink and Whitepri
ce: 25-44, 00 €

Wild Bloom Deep Water


Brand: Wild Bloo
mmodel: Deep Water Ringslin
gcomposition: 100% stonewashed Line
ntsize: 2.20 m
Gramagem: 160 g/m2
Cor: Blue
price: €119

You should consult all the rules of the trip at http://www.panosviajantes.pt/viagens/regras-das-viagens/before participating. You should only participate if you agree to all the rules.

Sensimo Vafli Black Perl

Sensimo sent us this sling of rings, Vafli Black Perl, in order to get to know in our country. Fifte
en mothers were selected, where each one will have the sling of rings for one week. 
The journey begins in the month of July and will end in October.


Brand: Sensi
momodel: Vafli Black
Perlcomposition: 100% cotton C
omedsize: Sling Argols
weight: 280 g/m2 c
olor: Rain
bowedition: Lim
ited: €50

Soul Slings-AseemA Maze Pride


Brand: Soul Slin
gsmodel: Minic
omposition: 100% Cotton C
olor: Blue & Lil
assity recommended: From RN to 20Kgpa
nel Dimension: Width 17 to 45cm, height 30 to 45 Cm
Price: €129

LennyLamb LennyUpGrade Mesh


Brand: Lennylam
bmodel: LennyUpGrade Mesh Peacock's Tail Provence
composition: 100% Cotton
recommended Age: 1 month up to 2
0Kgpanel Dimension: width 16 to 45 cm, height 34 to 40 Cm
color: Blue with black ne
t Price: 132-€176

Registration for this trip will be open until day 08/08/2019.
Before registration, please refer to the travel rules at http://w01.panosviajantes.pt/viagens/regras-das-viagens/.

Neko Switch Rainbow Unique Sunset

Neko sent us this Tropicana Nigra cloth in order to get to know our country. Ten mo
thers were selected, where each one will have the cloth for one week. 
The trip began in the month of September and will end in November.


Brand: Nek
omodel: Baby Switch
Composition: 100% Organic Cotton
recommended Age: 4 kg up to 36 Mes
espanel Dimension: Width 15 to 40 cm, height 22 to 40 c
m Color: yellow, orange & gree
n Price: 139-€169

DISO Prototype


Brand: Dis
omodel: Prototyp
e Composition: 100% Cot
ton Size:
5Gramm:311 g/m2 co
lor: Green & Black
price: Not Available