Saying goodbye to this strange 2020

Brand: Firespiral Slings
Model: Enchantress Mercury Gossamer
Composition: 74% cotton, 18% linen, 8% Merino wool
Gsm: 270gr
Colors: Grey green & Rose gold 
Size: 3
Price: 134€

This year has been weird for everyone, isn’t it?!

We have started with great enthusiasm taking our traveler wraps to several houses and giving the chance of knowing, pampering and enjoying them, but suddenly a virus has “stopped” us, and travels has slowed down and restructured.

This is one of the travelers who has been surprised by the confinement.

Before this forced break, he has lived all kinds of adventures traveling through different cities and visiting a lot of babywearing families.

It has been worn and enjoyed in the countryside and in the city, it has helped us to run the most everyday errands or long relaxing walks, and it has even traveled by train!

But the pandemic arrived, and it was time to enjoy babywearing in a different way, at another pace, and in more intimate settings.

The hardest blow of the confinement passed and the trip was resumed, adopting all hygiene and safety measures, determined to continue spreading babywearing and bond when they were more necessary than ever.

This has been a traveler marked by circumstances, “simmered”, a symbol of what this year has been, marked for many families by reflecting on the hectic pace at which we have been living. And this report is our little farewell and closing tribute to this strange 2020, which has left us vital lessons that we wish we had learned in a different way.

Welcome 2021!!! Please be a little nice!

Patricia & Sara

It’s a see you later, not a farewell!

Today our post is a special one and with tears. Yes, today we both say goodbye to this project. There were unforgettable moments that we’ll miss and we’ve created a fantastic family.

But everything has an end and, possibly, it’s a farewell.

Carrying is good, but there are phases for everything, and it is at the stage when our birds no longer need us to move from their nests, they start to fly alone, even under their mothers’ wings.

A big kiss,

Fátima e Marta


Carrying is always having them close by, listening and deciphering their signals so that we can answer their call and cuddle them all the time. It’s hands free for daily chores or simply having coffee.

Babywearing during isolation is not that different.
I’ve wanted to write about this for a long time. Exactly 37 days ago.

37 days of intermittent babywearing which, until recently, was intense and daily, with no more problems than choosing a baby carrier for each situation or the color of a wrap. We had a happy almost 2 years of babywearing, in which there was no place for strikes, although fear sometimes haunted me.

And suddenly everything changed! Then, in 24 hours, we stopped leaving the house “on our backs” to do our outside routine, breathe fresh air (what the city allows), walk, play, see faces, bodies, hug and feel the humane heat from others. And carrying it on his back, it became a beautiful memory of busy and fast days.

Now, we had so much time, too much time to fold and order our baby carriers stash … and also to look at them with sadness and longing.

What it cost me to convince her to climb on the wrap only once, one last time, I believed. But finally, maybe after talking to her about wraps and our moments, one day she asked me “onbu!” and then “wrap” … And I was happy! 😍

In just over a month and a half, I and some of my colleagues from “Panos Viajantes” were presented with small moments of those “only ours”. We were lucky to have them so close at nap time, to pamper them, to dance and laugh. Working mothers continued to work and continued to carry, older kids and girls still rest on wraps, although they have not rested on them with their mothers. We here, reinvent ourselves and create a new routine: dance, dance more than ever (in the end, it will be super necessary between bread and bread !! 😅😜)!

We, families, have spent intense days without being able to leave the house normally and, in the case of children, the situation is even more delicate, because here in Spain they are not allowed to go outside for absolutely nothing. In Portugal, isolation is voluntary; therefore, sometimes, there are escapes in the open air taking the necessary precautions, a good reason to carry and take them very close to us. Soon, there will be small changes so much awaited for everyone in Spain, but even so, babywearing will continue to be part of the “process of returning to normal” for some families.

And soon the long, sunny walks carrying our little ones will stop shining just in our imagination!

Take care of yourself, meanwhile, go home … just a little bit more.🌈

Patrícia Maia Luís 



Do you know how many girls have come and go in Panos Viajantes’ team?
Do you know Sara, as an example? Milene? Débora? Anyone?

Panos Viajantes’ family is big and I have a lot to thanks to all of them who are a part, or were a part, of this team. My big thank you for the companionship, dedication, care, friendship and, most of all, for putting me up for such a long time.

Milene was one of them that made Panos Viajantes grow, and the wrap that I show you today came from her home. A beautiful Yaro Slings that I was in love for such a long time and that I didn’t mind it would’ve stayed living in my house.

A cotton, silk and tencel wrap with 305g/m2, very confortable, not warm at all despite it’s weight. It’s a textured wrap, stunning and pink. It’s a luxury, with threads that are a symbolic representation of gravity, and is missed.

If I had to do a Top 5 list, this would be one of it.

Inês Leite Rocha


Today I’ll talk to you about a brand new RS :). It was my first brand new traveller. That may sound great but a pre loved wrap can be easier and maelable.  

I was surprised by the positive! I researched a bit about the brand and noticed that most of the slings are for tiny and light weight babies. Nothing suited for my heavy girl. I opened the package with much expectation, I touched and felt it, and thought… let’s try it!

This June 22 it’s made of linen. I loved it’s mustard color and it’s a rough feeling as linen should be. It’s a thin wrap but strong, easy to adjust and must be amazing for hot days. It’s very practical because it can be stores in a tiny purse. I was greatly surprised with this brand and gives me the want of another baby to try others RS of the brand. I think it’s worth it.

I’ll say goodbye to it this tuesdday. It will be missed. See you soon.

Daniela Benedito

Maggie and Babywearing

Hello, today is a special day! Two years ago, on February 11, it was 40 weeks, the expected delivery date. It’s the date that never seems to come, fear settles in; will it be born well, healthy? And then the date goes by and nothing, nerves and anxiety increase.
Well she was born seven days later, and we already had a scheduled induction for the next day!

Because it’s a special day, I decided to tell you how we met babywearing, how we got into it and how it went up until now!

During pregnancy I got to know babywearing by a friend (who was part of this team, by the way).
As most human beings, we did not know babywearing, nor had we ever heard of it, and did what most people do, buy a stroller. But we knew that we were also going to need to carry her and we wanted to. So, like most mortals, we were going to buy a baby carrier, until mid-pregnancy, and without having invested money in one, they introduced us to babywearing. From there we went to search for more information.
Well, I decided to buy a wrap from this friend and we arranged for the 18th of February, after lunch, but I was cutting the nails of one of the cats when one of them remembered to run away. I went up after the cat and I felt all wet. The waters broke. I didn’t go to get the wrap anymore and I only had it almost a month later.

Now I may think the stroller was a bad investment, at least to have invested in such an expensive one, we used it little or nothing, and it has been stored for almost a year. Babywearing came to be part of our life, our routine. From going to take the garbage, walking the dog, calming a simple colic, going shopping, walking, babywearing was our salvation for the early days.

And now? Now, with almost 2 years old is ending, there are phases and our baby is a grown up. It is February and I haven’t carried it since we went to see the Christmas lights. Now the need to carry is no longer the same.

I’m preparing myself to leave this project wich is so dear to me.

Agradeço do fundo do coração a todas as colegas e amigas desta equipa que estiveram sempre presentes e prontas a ajudar! E claro quando os teus amigos que não têm filhos se afastam porque de certo modo deixámos de ter alguma coisa em comum, entraram elas e criamos novas amizades. Sem dúvida uma nova família.
I thank all my colleagues and friends of this team, who were always present and ready to help, from the bottom of my heart! And of course, when your friends who don’t have children don’t come closer because in a way we no longer have anything in common, they came in and created new friendships. Without a doubt a new family.

Fátima Farinha

June 22 – Dulce de Leche

About the brand:
On June 22, 2016, Leonie, daughter of Audrey
Timbert Kiavué, was born. But only the next day
could this mother hold her baby.
In May 2018, Audrey created the June 22 brand,
allowing more than 7500 mothers to carry their
babies, while remaining freer.

About the tested ring sling:
Short and narrow semi-elastic wrap, 100% organic
cotton, beige and silver rings. Suitable for newborns
and approved up to 10 kg.

I chose this June 22 ring sling for a few days of good lap in the heart of Alentejo.

Its placement and adjustment is extremely easy, given the small dimensions of the fabric (both in height and width), which easily crosses the rings.

Its soft color adapted perfectly to the atmosphere experienced in the Convent of Aarraiolos.

The soft and light touch shook my 8.5 kg baby on the country and the city of Evora walks.

But given the characteristic of the semi-elastic fabric, which lacks some adjustment, I would recommend this ring sling for small babies.

When we went up to the castle of Arraiolos there was a strong wind, cold and wet.

Therefore, we chose to use the ring sling under a windbreaker jacket, which was possible because it is a small and very thick fabric.

(In fact, this baby carrier may be a better option for warmer days.)

But the most important thing is that this ring sling spread a lot of love wherever it was <3 <3 <3


Sensimo – Freely Grow

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you a great full buckle carrier that Bruno and I have been testing, Sensimo Freely Grow.

It is so comfortable and fluffy that it has allowed us to tour the Comic Hall for hours, help decorate the Christmas tree of the school, visit Santa Claus, and of course hold Bruno in his babywearing-nap. Even Dad has dared to try it!

The design of flamingos is spectacular, striking and very original, as you can see. I have fallen madly in love with this pattern.

If you have the opportunity, try it because you will not be disappointed, I loved having it at home.

A huge kiss for everyone and, see you next time!

Sara Santander García

Loktu She – Rhododendrons Twilight

Our babywearing journey started with a t5 wrap (base -1), which I used to always carry in a FWCC. Until the moment my son started to be too much heavy to carry him in front. So I considered buying a new wrap to back carry him – a size 7m imagine that! I don’t know why I thought I needed so much fabric… In part because perhaps the wrap was badly adjusted, and in part because I saw beautiful carries – bit not so practical – that needed yards of fabric!

I cut the wrap and converted it into a RS and t3 (base -3). Quickly I realized that less was more, and that shorties were my thing. There were no ends on the floor and I could do a ton of carries. This Loktu She, not being a shortie (t4), it delievered the purpose to show you – a starter like I was that thought I needes yards and yards of fabric -, a bit of the versatility and practicity of a shorter wrap.

Espero que te tenhas sentid@ inspirad@ e que partilhes connosco as tuas tentativas e evolução no uso de um shortie! 🙂
I hope that you felt inspired and that you share your tries and evolution using a shorti with us! 🙂

Ana Timóteo

Soul – Sakura

Hi girls! 
Have you recovered from the holidays? 

Today I’ll show you a wrap so beautiful and so easy to wear, but at the same time with such a support and that fits perfectly to both.

It’s by the indian brand Soul – was with us before Christmas -, and it was a great surprise!

The fabric although thin is very safe, it’s not prone to pulls, and very easy to clean!!! Not even the walk in the park after the rain could leave a mark on it! 😁 His color is beautiful because, depending on the light, it changes and always looks like a different wrap!

A kiss from both me and Yara! 😘