Kinder Hop – Multi Grow Diamond Maroon

Brand: KinderHop
Model: Multi Grow Diamond Maroon
Composition: 100% cotton
Color: Black and Red
Recomended Age: NB (3,5kg) to 3 years old (20kg)
Panel Dimensions:
Panel Height: Min.32cm Max.47cm
Panel Width: Min.18cm Max.45cm
Price: 130-140€

Hello, I am Fátima Mendes.
I start my partnership as a Babywearing advisor with #panosviajantes like this.

Propus-me a ingressar nesta primeira viagem com a mochila evolutiva Multi Grow Carrier que chega diretamente da Polónia.
I set out to join in this first trip with the Multi Grow Carrier evolutionary backpack that arrived directly from Poland.

Consisting of a cloth panel in vibrant colors and straps and belt in charcoal gray cotton, very soft and malleable. With a soft padding on the straps and where the baby’s legs rest, it’s truly comfortable. The also padded belt allows greater comfort for those who carry it. The height of the panel is adjustable, as all the straps and all the buckles. You can carry the baby / child on the front or on the back, and still allow the option of crossing the straps, which, for me, is an asset. It also has a removable hood by springs.

Podemos ainda contar com uma prática bolsa acoplada ao cinto, que permite por exemplo levar as chaves de casa. É bastante espaçoso. Bem sei que também cabe o telemóvel, mas eu prefiro não usar estes bolsos para este efeito… ficam muito pertinho dos nossos bebés.
We can also count on a practical bag attached to the belt, which allows, for example, to take the home keys. It is quite spacious. I know that the cell phone also fits, but I prefer not to use these pockets for that purpose … they are very close to our babies.

A backpack that grows and adapts to the baby, that you can adjust the width of the panel with a velcro for babies from 3 to 4 months of age, as well as children with 3 years of age, up to 110 centimeters (or weighing 3, 5 to 20 kg). The way it was thought, allows this adjustment at the base of the panel to be easy to do, since it is enough to detach the velcro and slide it to the desired measure.
Obviously, each baby is unique and it is up to us to see the distance from knee to knee to make the most detailed adjustment. In my case, my baby has recently completed 3 months, but she already has more than 61 cm and more than 6 kg in weight, she already holds her head and felt very comfortable, safe and I always took into account her posture ergonomic.
In fact, it is recommended that you use backpacks after babies are able to sit, as they already have a stronger cervical area and their posture is also more strengthened. The adjustment in backpacks is not as unique and moldable, as in a woven cloth for example.

You have the additional option of attaching the buckle close to the baby’s bottom. Thanks to this, the baby’s pelvis is properly tilted and the back remains in the c shape – which is essential for the smallest babies and ensures their natural and safer position.

It has a waist closure, (which is on the waist of those who carry), with a system that goes beyond the security elastic. The lock with a 3-point unlocking system is for me more secure … and also more challenging to remove.

According to the website the whole backpack is made by hand and the fabrics used are certified based on the highest quality standards. I confess that I was positively surprised with the softness of the fabrics.
Each charger of this Polish brand comes with a 24-month warranty.

I am pleased to say that this Multi Grow Carrier backpack from Kinder Hop is an excellent option for daily or longer walks.

As with all backpacks, the biggest disadvantage (if not the only one I find) is the fit … Why? Because when we buy a backpack we think it will be more practical and easier to put on … a common mistake … the adjustments are varied, for the baby to carry and especially for the adult to carry. It is not an exclusive disadvantage of this backpack, but of all. The more adjustment options you have, the more time consuming they are.

Carry in a conscious, informed, and above all in a safe, comfortable and ergonomic way.

Carry and love.

I’m here for you.

I am Fátima Mendes