Zuzana Schuchmannová – Slovakia

1. Tell us more about yourself.
I’m Zuzana Schuchmannova, I have 29 year. I live in Bratislava Slovakia. I’m currently on maternity leave, but I was warking as Business Consultant in IT firm. I have one child, boy named Patrick he is 14 months old.

2. Why/How did you decide to start babywearing? 
I was wandering about it during pregnancy, since it seemed really nice to me, to have a baby so close. And he did not liked the trolley, so it was decided.

3. Is babywearing a common thing in your country? What do people think about it?
It is starting to be common between young mommies. Old generation is sceptic about it. Some people like it some don’t.

4. What is your favorite carrier?
I love wraps, I don’t wear carriers. Sometimes I use RS.

5. Do you have a favorite carry?
Yes, most of the time I use Fwcc. In the summer I prefer doublecross. And for vacuum cleaning or on longer walks in the forrest or in the hills i use rucksack. I need to learn DH now.

6. Did you feel any difficulties in your babywearing journey?
It was a bit harder arround 3 months of my son. He had a strike, but after a month ut was okay again.
I was not breastfeeding wrap until 6 months of my son and when I started put him asleep was much more easier

7. What advice would you give to new parents?
Don’t be affraid of the wraps, it is not so hard as it can seem. And start to carry and breastfeed at the sane time as soon as possible, it can ease you the first days/monts.