Soul – Sakura

Brand: Soul Slings
Model: Sakura
Composition: 100% Linen
Size: 6
Weight: 220 g/m2
Color: Pink and Purple

Today I come to talk to you about a brand that will always be in my memory … Soul Slings.

Soul Slings was established in 2014 in Bangalore, India, within a family that advocates for home schooling, breastfeeding, reusable diapers, attachment parenting, co-sleeping and of course, babywearing.

Soul Slings has grown rapidly to become the largest baby carrier brand in India today. They produce a wide range of baby carriers. All Soul products are custom designed, handmade and shipped directly by Soul from Bangalore to the rest of the world. You can read more about the brand’s history and the production of its baby carriers here.

The first time I tried to carry my son in a woven wrap it was with a Soul one and I remember perfectly how nervous I was and scared to do something wrong and drop the baby (I think we all think about that, right?).

This time I had the opportunity to try one more of them, Soul Sakura, and I can assure you that the experience was completely different hahaha.

Normally it would not be the type of woven wraps that I would choose on my own, but Panos Viajantes are really here for that … to try anything and everything without compromise. And in the midst of these adventures we have very pleasant surprises!

The colors are super cute, a pastel pink and purple, representing the blossoming of Sakuras, Japan’s ornamental cherry trees, in spring. The colors match beautifully with the fact that the wrap is 100% linen, as the two colors together with the natural nubs and irregularity of the linen form super nice details! Giving even more texture to an already textured wrap, even if it is something subtle caused by the linen itself.

Apart from the aesthetic aspect, linen is also a very good material for our warmer days, as it helps to regulate the temperature!

Sakura is a thin and very malleable wrap, which makes it a lot easier when it comes to adjusting. I felt no difficulty or resistance as I adjusted each part of the wrap. And because it is thin we do not end up with a giant knot!

But don’t be fooled by the thin weight because it is a robust wrap with very good support! We walked a lot and had zero weight and adjustment problems.

The wrap has a good grip, little stretch and just a slight bounce. These features make it an excellent wrap for carrying a newborn as well as a toddler (multiple layer carry).

Have you tried any Soul wrap?
It is definitely a good investment for beginners and experienced wrappers!

Sakura is currently traveling around our beautiful country…I hope you got curious!

Till next time!

Libânia Freitas