Jeniphysio Baby

Brand: Jenipano
Model: Jeniphysio Baby
Color: Pink & Lilac
Size: baby, from 6kg to 18kg (aprox.)
Panel Dimensions: adjusted panel 35 cm – 41 cm height and 23 cm – 40 cm width.

Hi guys!
So… I didn’t show up for some time. In fact, this entrepreneur working mom life, and adding to all this a full batteries toddler, it’s not easy to manage.

Today I’m going to talk to you about an oversea backpack, Jeniphysio from Jenipano. It’s a 100% cotton backpack very soft to the touch. However, that softness doesn’t make it warm. We had this backpack with us in 2018 summer and wore it a lot.

It’s noticeable the care of Brazilians in making fresh baby carriers because in fact for the heat that’s felt there it’s important for us since my little pirate is a hot baby.
Whoever reads me knows that I’m not pink team but the truth is that’s been appearing in my life. Since this backpack mixes two tones of pink, turns it discrete and doesn’t make us tired of it as some tones we see out there (but it’s only my opinion. #teampink, please don’t kill me ahahah). It’s fabric is super malleable which allows a good “hug” to the baby because it perfectly frames to the baby’s body.

The backpack has a firm belt, however super malleable, has no adjustments, but has a very interesting feature (as you can see in the picture) a kind of strap where we can hang a bag, keys only using a carabiner. It’s details that matters and I’m the kind of person who notices these things.

It has adjustment in panel width and height by buckle system and reduces it well as increases it – has a good amplitude. It has a cushion in the area where the legs of the babies go. This cushion is not thick but it’s good for especially heavy babies – increases their comfort in that region. The handles can be used horizontally or crosswise because as they are not fixed this choice is possible.

In all the buckles (straps and belt) the backpack has the safety elastic allowing in case of a mischance (yes mischances happen and that doesn’t mean that the product hasn’t quality. It may even be our own mistake and we haven’t made a correct buckling, so always ALWAYS pass the buckle through the safety band) it opens, keeps your baby in complete safety.

It has a hood that can be removed, which is fixed by pressure springs.
It can also be adjusted to fit your baby by sliding on their straps that can be attached to a loop on the shoulder strap (identical to the belt). The handles are plenty padded which makes them quite moldable but gives them the comfort needed to support a heavier baby. They aren’t too wide so, for smaller people, it can be a very positive point as they will not take up too much space in petit bodies. The strap that allows the two shoulder straps to be joined, when used in parallel, has a buckle and slides easily on the handles to adjust the height and provide good comfort for the loader.

Although, as I said earlier, that the backpack has a good panel width, the recommendation of the brand is to use it only after 6kg, that is after 4 months. I remind you that the development of the baby varies a lot, so although there is a recommendation it’s always important to be evaluated its development not only of weight but also of physical and postural development.

 Well, it’s enough for today. Kisses from me and my little pirate.

Ana Rodrigues