Brand: Everyslin
gsmodel: Trai
l composition: 75% cotton, 25% Te
ncel size: Sling rings g
raming: 280 g/m2 c
olor: Lilac and grey

And again here I am, this time to tell you about my first Mystery Box.

I recently came to the conclusion that my badger is no longer my little baby but a "grown-up" toddler, although still not dispensing the lap already starts wanting to go over to the ground, and not being I fan of backpacks had to think of another more practical option than the Cloths PA The lap-floor-neck, especially when not wearing short cloths.

We chose to start looking for a sling of rings, but finding one that really falls in love was not an easy task, especially given the available budget.

That's when EverySlings decided to launch a Mystery Box, the origin of EverySlings is best reflected in the "lucky double" rule. With the birth of the second child was also born a profound need to celebrate creation with attachment. The result of this is the EverySlings brand. Its priority is to spread the idea of Attachment Parenting and the belief that even after the birth of a child, parents can remain active. You may be close to your child and still be independent within the confines of responsible parenthood. This message perfectly reflects the brand's slogan: Be active, stay close. EverySlings is a combination of products with original design and high quality, but available to everyone.

I didn't know any of their baby carriers or had ever tried, which made me afraid, until I asked for the opinion of the other girls here at Panos and there we decided to risk, in this decision weighed the value, was within the budget and unlike those who had already seen By the same value could come something that would make me fall in love, but is that what happened?

When he came to confess that I was not at all satisfied, the color was far from my choice and the pattern, nothing to do with what I normally like, but all this only lasted until I tried it.

Well, you can't imagine, I was completely in love, from the smoothness of the fabric, to the freshness, the extremely easy adjustment I must say and how well you can stand with Alex always leaning to get to everything. As it slides so easily through the rings facilitates adjustment and the strip-puts without having to always be composing the fabric, however, due to this same reason, needs some adjustment after some time and even so, it is important to highlight that here the demon of the naked seats NCA managed to destroy a seat in this Trial.

When I bought the Mystery Box I was afraid, too scared, not to like it, not being able to use, if lost along the way, not able to sell and get a lost investment. At this time is our sling of election rings, goes with us everywhere and is our companion of necessity and I highlight that much adored by the nurses who so lovingly vaccate the little demon in babywearing mode and that even after the bites maintains The good disposition without dropping any tears at all.

Until today I have not experienced any more EverySlings, but this Trial undoubtedly I recommend, at 100%.

Squeeze the page because they have lots of beautiful novelties, new compositions and beautiful patterns of dying.

Anup Naik