Solnce Every Summer has a Story

Brand: Solnce
model: Every Summer has a Story c
omposition: 10% seaweed, 20% Supima, 70% Egyptian Cotto
n Size: 6 Gr
amagem: 320 g/m2 Col
or: turquoise, white and sand color

Hello! Here I am back… I
don't know if you remember my last review (here)?
That rag that none of you had at your heels? T
hat almost perfect rag? We
ll… This
is the one who stole my heart, or rather, the only thick cloth that was able to hold me. I'm
talking about Solnce Every Summer has a Story on cloudberry weave. An authentic cloud on your shoulders.

Solnce belongs to Olga and was born as a result of her passion for exclusive textiles and natural fibers. This brand began with the birth of its first child and expanded to one of the first babywearing stores in Holland. He then traveled to Prague to learn the art of a babywearing world legend that inspired her to start her own production of cloths. Cloths these manufactured in Holland with the best suppliers of raw material.
Olga believes that the time when our children are small is a very intense, wonderful and most rewarding time of our lives. He also believes that babywearing is one of the ways to get the most out of it. It is a pleasure to accompany you during this period with your creations.

He came to the house for mere chance. I was looking for another rag for what I fell in love with, the Genesis Extraterrestrial (know? If they do not know go looking, it is anything if wonderful) but unfortunately, or fortunately, never came here to stop…
This cloth came to the house by means of a loan from a Spanish lady who had already bought a cloth and aroused my attention not only by the color (has the most beautiful turquoise color I have ever seen), but also by the seaweed of its composition…

Needless to say, no longer came out of the house, has the best wrap job ever, I can load 5 hours in a row without even walking to adjust (grip QB) and without weighing me on the shoulders… You can carry an elephant, even if it's soft and fluffy enough for a small baby. Strange, isn't it? Only those who have experienced a Solnce know what I'm talking about…

It's that rag I use when I need a treat, I mean, Noa and I need a treat, since it's your favorite too. It remi
nds the sea, the foam and the comfort of a cuddly blanket. While at the height of its 320 gsm is not anything hot, probably thanks to its composition and open weft.

It's basically my favorite of all time, the one who makes all the others not satisfy me. It's the one… At least for now.

Michelle Garcia