Liliputi Ocean Breeze

Liliputi sent us Ocean Breeze in order to get to know our country. Twenty mot
hers were selected, where each one had a cloth for one week. The tri
p began in the month of May/18 and ended in the month of October/18.


Brand: Liliput
iModelo: Ocean Bree
zecomposition: 100% Organic Cotton (certificate GO
TS) gramm:220g/m² co
lor: Blu
eprice: €69.00


Sara Silva: We love this RS. Very practical and easy to
adjust. Teresa Santos: Portugal's most popular sights are all on Google. So today I come to show you something that is very Portuguese. The community tank. In the past, Portuguese women wash their family's cloths there. And I also show you a typical village street. Curious for more?! Then come and visit PO
RTUGAL. Raquel Ferreirinha: Unfortunately we had to receive this RS in a week when the heat was extreme, so we can not enjoy it as we would like. With a very beautiful color and pattern, the fabric is very soft and comfortable, even with the warmth that has been felt, I did not think it was a hot cloth, it seems to me that with normal summer temperatures is quite pleasant to use.