Apricity Crystal Lagoon

Brand: Apricity R
aymodel: Crystal La
goonMaterial: 100% Co
tton Size: 5 (4.24 m long and 62cm wide) color
: Blue and raw
Weight: 311 g/m2

Hello guys again, how have you been? As we are spending the last rounds of summer, today I come to tell you about a rag that looks more like a frame from the bottom of the sea the "Apricity Crystal Lagoon". For those who have a passion for the sea like me, this cloth will never go unnoticed.

Well, we've lived near the sea for two years and I'm telling you, it was the best years of my life. Being able to wake up every day with that smell of sea, to live in a more relaxed way, natural to those who live on the beach, only there is. It is often said that the sea is the cure for many diseases and could not be more agreed, in fact it brings you an inexplicable tranquility, just barefoot and put your foot in the sand that it seems that half the weight that we carry on the back fades at that moment ( This clear to those who like sea like me).

This cloth remembers exactly that beautiful sunny day where we do not see a cloud in the sky and the sea reflects this shade of blue uniting on the horizon in an imperceptible line. The perfect tune and harmony of the sky and the sea. This moment with a great magic involved, also appears in the cloth, because it involves us in a gentle and delicate way. It is a light cloth and with immense ease to entrapar.

It is composed of 100% cotton, being of a blue side with the drawing in raw and the other the inverse. In this magnificent design we see a sea bottom filled with turtles, corals, jellyfish and algae.

It was a rag that enchanted me by the look, but the level of support I think is a little thin because it ends up yielding after a while, however I think it would be perfect for a small baby because it is super cute and has a sensational diagonal. Although having a high grammage is not a bit a thick cloth rather than the contrary, it becomes a very light and relatively thin cloth. It has little grip which makes it very easy to make a DH. His adjustment is great for an immense ease, even with what he gives up does not cause disorder because it adjusts thank shaved.

I would like to thank Andreia Miranda for kindly borrowing the cloth from Ana Rita Oliveira who put him on a trip through Portugal, thank you girls for the opportunity.

Since in Braga there is no sea for my sadness, but we have immense fluvial beaches that always gives to kill the will, so I leave you with some photos in the Fluvial beach of Malheira, bathed by the river man. A beautiful beach of crystalline and icy water. When the photos came to find crawfish in the river for our delight and combine even more with the cloth.

My Little Piratinha kisses!!!

Ana Ramos

(PHOTOS: Eduardo Ramos-https://www.facebook.com/eduardoramosmultimidia/)