AndalGo Somewhere… Over the Rainbow

Andsomething sent us “Somewhere… Over the Rainbow “, so as to get to know in our country.
Twenty mothers were selected, where each one will have the cloth for one week.
The trip began in the month of May/18 and ended in October/18.


Brand: Andalg
omodel: Somewhere… Over the Rainbow
composition: 100% Cotton
Size: 6 (460x72cm) W
eight: 290 g/m2 Colo
r: Arc-Magnets
Price: €241.40


Dulce Ferreira: Thanks to AndalGO and Inês Leite Rocha (@funtasticmom) for the opportunity to try this cloth. Could you get out any other way? I could, but it wasn’t the same th
ing. Milene Pereira: It’s time to say goodbye, but first we have to fulfill the challenge. ? Thank you for the opportunity to test this wonderful cloth
. ? Débora Santos: The first handwoven always stays our heart. A beautiful combination of colours coupled with excellent support.
Natacha Conceição: This was our first experience with a cloth fabric. I’m in love. 
Verónica Pinto: What to say about our first handwoven? Those wonderful colors and that handmade touch have made our delights. Fine enough to be comfortable in terms of temperature but with optimum support, either the front or the back. A good grip and very easy to adjust.
Doriana Viana: Thanks to FuntasticMom and AndalGo we were able to test this beautiful handwoven. We have no words to thank for the opportunity. It was the best rag that ever happened to us. Super comfortable, soft, cool or hot depending on what was needed. Even for those who still do not have much experience in babywearing it is of super easy placement, do not descend, stay as is. Super safe. Any size is perfect. It’s easy to do any size with it, without having to walk in adjustments. As far as the colors are spoken… They’re fantastic. Indescribable as the colors glow and change according to the situation or place where we are. Makes fantastic photos, looks good on any occasion… Look perfect for weddings eheh I have no words. Just gratitude. We’re going to miss you, we don’t want to leave you. I think we’re going to make a piggy bank to have one in the house. ? and now… Overcome HCC Challenge. We got lucky.
Tânia Sousa: Last week we had the opportunity to try this AndalGO, it was our first time with a handwoven. We like the fluffy touch, the color and the ease of adjusting. Thank you very mu
ch! Michelle Hughes: Delighted to have had a chance to test this beautiful cloth. This morning we walked to the beach, I was quite impressed why not feel hot. Nice and comfortable too.
Ana Rodrigues: Using the Andaigo was a wonderful experience, a super comfortable cloth and above all very cool to the touch. The colors are beautiful though in the pictures it seems that they do not stand out. It is a cloth that still needs work/breakage but will soon be even better. Thank you so much for the opport
unity. Patrícia Mota: Thank you dear Inês for this opportunity, no doubt a Mr Pa
no. Cátia Martins: a wonderful experience. Too big for me, but with some fantastic colors.
Angela Clara: Trying to load in a different way ? what adorable colors and so soft ?

Testers Evaluation