Ocean Breeze, Miami

Hello to all women warriors, who are mothers and many fathers also, workers, housewives, wives, sisters, granddaughters, children, cousins, Noras, Sogras, Cunhadas, aunts, friends, and who are dedicated, hardworking, struggling, honest, caring, Meigas, strong , stretching their time as if the day was 30h or even more, which give the liter in everything they do and do not do for le

ss! Today I come to honor women and call for more equal rights because it is not the gender that defines us, whether or not we are more capable, until quite the contrary…

It is not by chance that God has chosen us, women, for the arduous task of being a mother…

We endure everything from pregnancy that is not always easy, the birth in which all yearn with fears and doubts, and the postpartum that promises its depression, because our life gives a turn of 180 degrees…

Only we can endure sleepless nights for the sake of our eternal babies and manage everything else! M
arch 8th was the International Day of women, for our rights and values! Love you a
nd help other women love each other!!! This R

S that will see in the news of today, was given to me by a friend, woman, creative, full of ideas that by chance today is her day too, is the day she was born, was a baby and today is mother!!

Congratulations Inês Leite Rocha!

Scott Lee