Indajani, which means “water that is born” in Zapoteco, is a brand of baby carriers originating in Oaxaca, Mexico, consisting of craftsmen of the area known as Sierra Sur. Your baby carriers, rebzos and scarves are all hand-woven on waist looms. The br
and aims at the artisan and ecological elaboration of products compatible with natural creation, respecting the environment, in order to leave a better world for our children. They believe that baby products should promote the special bond between mother and child and that raising children with love and respect cannot spoil them. 
They argue that contact, both physically and emotionally, between mothers and children is of great importance and that carrying them is the best for creation and education with love. Thi
s is the philosophy of the brand and as such produces only products that stimulate the natural proximity relationship between mothers, fathers and children. Products they serve, not to entertain them, but rather to be closer to them.