Happy Father's Day

Today is one of those special days that sometimes lack words to describe them. Today is Father’s Day, the day of the one who makes the most fun games, that gets you that super laugh so spontaneous, I feel your little heart accelerate when you hear the noise of the key on the door and you know it’s daddy coming and you run like you haven’t seen him for a week . Being a boy’s father is having a friend for life, is winning a playmate, racing, gaming partner. It’s beautiful to see this love that unites you. Thank you for being such a wonderful father to our son, we love you very much!

Ana Ramos

Father’s second day and this year you’re not here, but it’s okay because you make up for every other day of the year. I know you’re the best dad in the world for Alice, and every day I thank you for being the caring, attentive, loving father you are. It gives me pleasure to see the love you feel for our Alice and I am sure that regardless of everything else you will always be a great father to her, for you have been since before she was born. Thanks for everything and here we wait to thank you 

Ahmed Abubakar

Happy Father’s Day!!

Michelle Garcia

“Father, today is one of your days! You’re special to us, you always will be. There may be rainy days but with you every day you always have a ray of sunshine. You’re a giant, you’re affectionate, you’re a friend, you’re smart, you’re generous You’re our greatest example. You’re our hero! Of cover and everything and we want you to continue to be in all our days and that together we can grow and be a better person every day. We love your kisses, your hugs, of course watch TV with you! A very special kiss from your super kids! “

Fernando Fernandes

Today is the man’s Day from home. Father’s Da
y! Marguerite has the best father in the world, the best father she could have. With her the responsibilities have changed but he has been the height of all the challenges that have appeared.
You’re the father I chose for my children and I don’t regret it. Let the next one come! H
appy Father’s Day!
And happy Father’s Day also for the frills grandparents!

Abdul Faizan

Today is “Your day,” Not that you need a day to sign how special you are as a father, not that I need a day to tell you how important and special you are to our family. You are, withou
t a doubt, the father I have always wished for my children, the father who puts them in the “line” but that melts with every little party, with every kiss, with every hug. You are the father who always does everything so that nothing will fail, so that our children will never cease to smile.
Thank you again for making me believe in love and for the two wonderful sons you gave me. I love you
from here to the moon!

Rakesh LAL

Today is your day, you who become father overnight, that as I was nothing prepared and yet you were the time. You’re the one who’s always there when he needs it, ready for the prank, for the cuddies, to support him. A father is defined by the way he treats his children when no one is watching. And today is the day to honor you for that, but not just you, but to all the fathers of our lives, not our badger being so crazy about grandparents. H
appy Father’s Day.

Anup Naik

“You father, who always was a good support for mummy before I was born… When I was born, I preached some pranks and I saw you cry for the first time, I realized then how much you loved me in just 13 days of father. I’m sorry dad for the pranks I preached but we’re stronger than ever, sorry for the tantrums I do, but it’s to test the enormous patience you have for me, and the nights I don’t sleep but it’s just because I love your lap. Your lap is like a father, you know how much I love sleeping in it. And it’s in him that I feel safe and confident to fall asleep and hear you sing and tell stories. Mommy knows you’re the best dad in the world to me and you’re very happy about it. I love our unequaled jokes since I’m too little!!! I love
you, Dad! ”

Scott Lee

Today is Father’s Day, the perfect day to honor also all mothers who are mother and father at the same time. And I was lucky enough to have grown up with one of those moms-warriors. Thank you, Mom, this is your day, too. Thank you for being there when you should not have been. Thank you for being strong and devoted yourself to two. Thank you for being the best mom, Dad, grandma that me and Ema could have. Even many miles away you will always be present in my heart 

John Chia