Enchanted Christmas

Ho ho ho!!!

So we are spreading the magic of Christmas through the streets of Lisbon and Sines!!

Charging is to give love and ensure that the lap is the safe harbor of the baby. Babywearing is love, sharing and friendships!!!

We wish you all a merry Christmas with many warm colos to your babies!

Come and look at the pictures we took to share the peace and love of Christmas!

Ho ho ho!!

Scott Lee

, I’ve been firing myself for thi
s year. Christmas is a special time… The end of the year to come and time to stop and think about how short life is. Ch
arging at this time has been a mix of emotions… The happiness of it already walk.. But the sadness of wanting the ground.

The other day we were in a mall and he screamed that he wanted to get out of his lap and wanted to run…. But then you’re going to ask for a lap and fill my heart
️. I wish you a Christmas full of joy and an excellent entrance next year 2019. Be happy 

Sayeesh Seth