Tester Rules

Baby Carrier trips are organised by the “Panos Viajantes” together with the brands so that families can experience various different baby carriers without the risk of investing in something that does not adapt to you and your reality. In exchange for this possibility there are some rules to be fulfilled, for the proper functioning of the journeys and good maintenance of the baby carrier.

Travel rules:

  • By entering the trip you’re making a commitment to make at least 2 spam posts during the week of testing in Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags indicated by the travel manager.
  • The baby carrier must be sent in a day defined by the travel manager, always in registered mail and the registration number must be sent to the tester tour group.
  • The baby carrier must be well conditioned for shipment, preferably inside the bag (when it exists) and in a plasticised box or envelope (especially in winter) to prevent damage to the transport.
  • Once you receive the baby carrier, and before sending it, you must check it, looking for loose wires (pulls), broken lines, stains, anything out of the ordinary and report the same to the tour manager. If you do not, and the following person reports something at the reception, you may be charged the cost of repairing or replacing the baby carrier.
  • If something happens and there is a need to wash the baby carrier you must contact the tester tour manager to have the washing instructions passed to you. If only a small stain should try to clean with a cloth dampened with water.
  • Baby carriers should not be used while smoking or when in places with smokers. You should also avoid contact with animals and the use of strong perfumes.
  • When applying for the tour and accepting the calendar of the same is making a commitment to receive the baby carrier this week. If you decide to give up your trip or need to change your dates try to always report a week in advance, except for last-minute situations like sickness.

Offers on the Travels

It is customary to send offers to the next person. Usually it’s just a little souvenir, be it tea, chocolate, giveaways, etc. When sending an offer we ask taht the same be placed in a separate bag, in order to prevent the baby carrier from being damaged by packaging and also prevent it from getting smells or dirty.