Luluna Runes Neon Monochrome (conversion Neko Slings)

Wrap Brand: Luluna Slings
Conversion to Onbuhimo: Neko Slings
Model: Runes Neon Monochrome
Composition: 60% Combed Cotton + 40% Neppy Cotton
Weight: 240gsm
Color: Black and White, with neon details

today I bring you a very special review! And I say special because it brings together in one element a mega DISO *, new friendships and the wonderful connection to Panos Viajantes.

So let’s start at the very beginning: Runes! No, I didn’t go back thousands of years … I just fell madly in love with the Luluna Slings Runes pattern. Their wraps with Runes are the most beautiful thing (for me at least). I love the meaning they represent on a personal level and I love the fact that it is an extremely simple pattern, but at the same time full of charm! I’m not the only one, you can ask the whole legion of crazy fans for all the Runes wraps… (right my dear Nina?)

I didn’t want to make the entire Runes collection, I just wanted one: the Neon Monochrome version (full of colorful details). And this demand (starting mid 2018) could almost be compared to the Viking conquest journey! Hahahaha

It took months and months and months sending messages to those who might had them for sale, to make posts in the brand groups around the world. And it was through one of these groups that I met Melanie (you must remember her from our first Babywearing Around the World article here). I never met her in person, since the distance that separates us is big, and we only had two things in common, the country where she resides and the Runes Neon Monochrome wrap.

That’s right, Melanie had one, I repeat: had! She had recently sold it … but was looking for it again! Oh love is like that! So there began an epic journey in search of a wrap! I specialized in the art of being a stalker … I had almost success a few times, I say almost because when it came to negotiating the owners did not have the courage to sell the wrap (bucket of cold water).

By this time I firmly believed that I would never be able to catch one and I got lost in other versions of this pattern *excuses, cof cof *.

I started by buying a mini retail from Melanie (I’m still looking for a destination for it). Along the way I also couldn’t resist and bought a ring sling, then another shortie… all Runes, but none was my DISO.

Until the day came when Melanie managed to buy one (shorter size than I was looking for) and after a while she asked me if I wanted to buy half! You cannot imagine my happiness…

Obviously I couldn’t say no, and so a scrap of Luluna Runes Neon Monochrome found his way to me! And what a beautiful scrap… smooth and malleable like melted butter! To die for!!!!

And now what was I going to do with a piece of wrap?! Deciding was easy, I wanted an Onbuhimo, the only baby carrier I didn’t have. And here comes Panos Viajantes. Where would I have my conversion done? I had already tried some Onbuhimos through the tester tours we organized and so it was much easier to make that decision!

I chose Neko Slings, who sent us this Onbuhimo some time ago, which I loved to try! Despite being a brand with their own production, they also make personalized baby carriers on request. I started contacting them at the end of December 2019, but unfortunately I had to pause the planning, because due to the pandemic I didn’t want to send my scrap … time passed and at the end of June of this year I finally managed to send the wrap and received my Onbuhimo already this week! They were suuuper fast!

And I couldn’t be happier! It was worth all the work, all the waiting and expectation! the Onbuhimo immediately went for a test drive and I have nothing negative to point out! L-O-V-E-D-I-T!

The stroll ended with an empty Onbuhimo … Daddy’s shoulders are much more fun! I get it hahaha

Ps.: There was still some fabric left from the scrap I sent and Neko decided to offer me a matching baby carrier for dolls, how wonderful of them!

Is there also a special DISO out there for you? Tell us everything.

Till next time,

*DISO = Desperately In Search Of 

Mama Nuka – Gaia

Brand: Mama Nuka
Model: Gaia
Composition: 100% Organic Cotton
Size: 6
Weight: 216gsm
Color: Beje & Amarelo Ocre
Price: 128€

today I’m going to tell you a little bit about the wonderful wrap that we’ve been testing from Mama Nuka.

But first let me tell you a little about the history of the brand.
Mama Nuka appeared in the summer of 2015 — during a coffee break in Berlin… . The brand was created by two entrepreneur women, Stefanie and Stephanie, both living in Germany.

During a trip to India they saw mothers carrying their babies everywhere. At the time they were not yet mothers themselves, but they had a natural certainty that they would be one day. Driven by their passion for textiles, they explored different techniques, different ways of dyeing fabric and different types of qualities.

And so the purpose of creating something valuable arose, not only for them, but for all people who expected something as precious as a baby. For them babies are the most precious thing we can hold in our arms and as such their wraps are so soft, pliable and natural. In India, the cradle of traditional textile production, they discovered the potential to dye materials naturally, that result of vibrant colors and without chemicals.

In this way they united their values: passion for the textile area and making the world a better place… and all this in a wrap to carry our children. You are already full of desire to try a wrap like this, right?

Right now carrying my sun is one of the most difficult things in the world hahaha. He is 23 months old and the only thing he wants is “tão” (also known as the floor). He just wants to run, jump and run some more.

I looked forward to receiving this wrap and the surprise was really good! A beautiful woven wrap, with neutral colors, super malleable and easy to use.

Let’s start with the most unique feature: color! As you can see by the brand’s history, the wraps are all dyed naturally, without chemicals. In this case we have two brownish tones that derive from the wraps own name: Gaia, the Goddess of Earth. The colors were achieved through the use of pomegranate and catechu. Thus giving rise to these more earthy and serene colors.

You can see the entire collection and the materials used to dye all of the wraps on the brands website.

The fact that we have a division by colors makes it easier to identify the top and bottom rail of the wrap, which helps a lot when it comes to making the carry (with a very slippery eel in my case hahaha).

This broken twill wrap is 100% organic cotton and weighs 216gsm. It provides the necessary stability and flexibility for a very comfortable fit for smaller babies and in a double layer for heavier toddlers.

I found the wrap very comfortable, even though it’s a bit more thin the I usual use, and this last feature ends up helping a lot in malleability. It definitely didn’t need much breaking in.

In terms of support, I was also not disappointed. It maintained the carry very well and it was possible to stroll around without any major concerns. The texture of the wrap itself helps with the grip… thus completing the dynamic between the fit and the support.

I think it is an ideal wrap to be used all year round, in all temperatures. As it is thin it does not overheat and can be the perfect wrap for our sunny days!

It was a pleasure to test this wrap and I know that it delighted all the families it passed through on its trip in our country, which started last year.

Thank you Mama Nuka!
This beauty will now go back home to you! <3

ElirilE Lionfish Nymphea

Brand: ElirilE
Model: Lionfish Nymphea
Composition: 44% baby alpaca; 35% egyptian mercerised bio-cotton; 21% bio-cotton
Size: 5
Colour: Yellowish & Purple

Writing about a cloth is always very complicated for me. I am not a consultant and, being a math’s teacher, I’m not in any way comfortable with letters and words and all this … in fact, the only thing I can write about, and which I usually speak about, is my huge passion for this babywearing world. Although I carry less and less, because the girl no longer needs to be held, there’s an opportunity, from time to time, to try something new. It happened with this ElirilE, a capicua that surprised us, me and my babygirl, in a very good way!

I love to carry and there are cloths that seem just right, a love at first sight, even before trying them on. This was not one of those fabrics. When this wrap was sent to me, I was not that excited … the cloth seemed too exuberant and, although it is very soft at touch, it’s thick. Soft, but thick. It took me a few days until I finally try it… I did a few tries, but every time I took it to wrap the girl, thoughts like “maybe I’ll put her on an RS that is thinner and quicker to put on and take off”, took place, and so we delayed the experience… for a few days!

Until I decided to give ElirilE a chance. On a sunny day, we went for a walk and I put the girl on a very simple back carry. I didn’t want to believe how easy I managed to do it, because the idea I had was that the thickness of the cloth (together with the girl’s impatience) would not make my life easier. Even though, I did not wrap her with too much adjustment, I instantly felt a wonderful comfort. The cloth, although thick, is very soft and has an excellent support and, even being a little slippery, with a firm finish, it stays in place.

The biggest surprise of all came on a day when the little one needed a treat. She asked for cloth, “but in front mommy!” … And I, for the first time in my life, managed to use a carry that I had never been able to do before (even when she was a newborn): a kangaroo front carry! And at first it came out perfect (I say humbly). Perfect and so comfortable that we could spend the whole afternoon cuddling … we could, if it wasn’t for just one thing: it is a warm cloth. Excellent for colder days and for walks in cold weather, but not very pleasant on sunny days.

Finally, I just add that these colors, although they seem a little “showy”, they combine perfectly and, although at first glance it seems to be too strong for our eyes, the cloth carrying a baby is just beautiful. Don’t you think?


June 22 – Téa

Brand: June 22
Model: Téa
Composition: 100% mottled organic cotton
Color: Grey
Recommended Weight: 10 Kg max.

Hi, I’m Sabla D’Oliveira, I have a 5 month old baby and we’re starting our adventure with the Panos Viajantes!

We started by taking a walk with the June 22 ring sling, made from an unusual fabric.

This sling is very curious. We used it when we went to the park for the oldest (7 years old) to ride a bike. We decided to take the baby stroller, it would be the second time, because it was actually more to use the stroller, hehe.
However, I put the ring sling in my bag. And it was surprise number 1: small, light and takes up almost no space compared to other slings. It looked like I was packing a small tracksuit jacket. And of course, it was necessary to use the sling, as the little one does not stay in the stroller for long. We parked the stroller very well and went for a sling ride and accompanied the brother on his bicycle.

And surprise number 2 appears: very easy to adjust. It looked like it was really a sweat-shirt, the tail is short, the width is also smaller, because it is a small sling, however it did not make any difference to my height (1.71m and size M). To be used with someone of bigger stature, it would have to be a longer sling.
The fabric is cozy and warm, I think it is always more comfortable to wear in winter than in summer.
I even used the sling to support breastfeeding on the park bench. And surprise 3: I widened the sling, the baby was very well supported (and warm) while breastfeeding, and when she was finished, I put it back on without worrying too much about the fabric in the rings, because it flows very easily, no need to readjust the fabric too much.

My daughter is already over 8kg, and I felt that this sling is great for short trips. Short walks in the park, trips to the supermarket, pick up the oldest from school, for example. After some time of use (at the end of about an hour), I felt some pressure on the shoulder and some sagging with the baby’s weight (but that easily readjusted).

Adorei o tamanho e a facilidade com que fica comprimido na mala. No regresso a casa, teve mesmo de ser de carrinho, pois a bicicleta do mais velho teve um furo. Eu tive de carregar a bicicleta e o mano empurrar o carrinho, onde a mana ia com uma mantinha e o sling a aconchegar do frio!
I loved the size and the ease with which it gets compressed in the bag. On the way home, it really had to be in a stroller, because the older’s bicycle had a puncture. I had to carry the bike and the brother push the cart, where the sister went with a blanket and the sling to snuggle from the cold!

Sabla D’Oliveira

Kinder Hop – Multi Grow Diamond Maroon

Brand: KinderHop
Model: Multi Grow Diamond Maroon
Composition: 100% cotton
Color: Black and Red
Recomended Age: NB (3,5kg) to 3 years old (20kg)
Panel Dimensions:
Panel Height: Min.32cm Max.47cm
Panel Width: Min.18cm Max.45cm
Price: 130-140€

Hello, I am Fátima Mendes.
I start my partnership as a Babywearing advisor with #panosviajantes like this.

Propus-me a ingressar nesta primeira viagem com a mochila evolutiva Multi Grow Carrier que chega diretamente da Polónia.
I set out to join in this first trip with the Multi Grow Carrier evolutionary backpack that arrived directly from Poland.

Consisting of a cloth panel in vibrant colors and straps and belt in charcoal gray cotton, very soft and malleable. With a soft padding on the straps and where the baby’s legs rest, it’s truly comfortable. The also padded belt allows greater comfort for those who carry it. The height of the panel is adjustable, as all the straps and all the buckles. You can carry the baby / child on the front or on the back, and still allow the option of crossing the straps, which, for me, is an asset. It also has a removable hood by springs.

Podemos ainda contar com uma prática bolsa acoplada ao cinto, que permite por exemplo levar as chaves de casa. É bastante espaçoso. Bem sei que também cabe o telemóvel, mas eu prefiro não usar estes bolsos para este efeito… ficam muito pertinho dos nossos bebés.
We can also count on a practical bag attached to the belt, which allows, for example, to take the home keys. It is quite spacious. I know that the cell phone also fits, but I prefer not to use these pockets for that purpose … they are very close to our babies.

A backpack that grows and adapts to the baby, that you can adjust the width of the panel with a velcro for babies from 3 to 4 months of age, as well as children with 3 years of age, up to 110 centimeters (or weighing 3, 5 to 20 kg). The way it was thought, allows this adjustment at the base of the panel to be easy to do, since it is enough to detach the velcro and slide it to the desired measure.
Obviously, each baby is unique and it is up to us to see the distance from knee to knee to make the most detailed adjustment. In my case, my baby has recently completed 3 months, but she already has more than 61 cm and more than 6 kg in weight, she already holds her head and felt very comfortable, safe and I always took into account her posture ergonomic.
In fact, it is recommended that you use backpacks after babies are able to sit, as they already have a stronger cervical area and their posture is also more strengthened. The adjustment in backpacks is not as unique and moldable, as in a woven cloth for example.

You have the additional option of attaching the buckle close to the baby’s bottom. Thanks to this, the baby’s pelvis is properly tilted and the back remains in the c shape – which is essential for the smallest babies and ensures their natural and safer position.

It has a waist closure, (which is on the waist of those who carry), with a system that goes beyond the security elastic. The lock with a 3-point unlocking system is for me more secure … and also more challenging to remove.

According to the website the whole backpack is made by hand and the fabrics used are certified based on the highest quality standards. I confess that I was positively surprised with the softness of the fabrics.
Each charger of this Polish brand comes with a 24-month warranty.

I am pleased to say that this Multi Grow Carrier backpack from Kinder Hop is an excellent option for daily or longer walks.

As with all backpacks, the biggest disadvantage (if not the only one I find) is the fit … Why? Because when we buy a backpack we think it will be more practical and easier to put on … a common mistake … the adjustments are varied, for the baby to carry and especially for the adult to carry. It is not an exclusive disadvantage of this backpack, but of all. The more adjustment options you have, the more time consuming they are.

Carry in a conscious, informed, and above all in a safe, comfortable and ergonomic way.

Carry and love.

I’m here for you.

I am Fátima Mendes


Brand: Roar 
Model: L’Amour Orchidée 
Compositon: 40% Fluffy Cloud Cotton; 50% Egyptian Cotton ; 10% Bamboo Viscose.
Size: 4
Weight: 310g/m2
Color: rosa, negro, blanco y verde
Price: 89€

This fall I received a package at home that was literally, very fluffy!

It was my long-awaited Roar L’Amour Orchidée!

I was very curious to see up close and try this wrap, first, for being a Roar L’Amour and secondly, for its 310gr with bamboo viscose. I wondered what a wrap of such grammage with bamboo would look like, because until now I was used to feeling bamboo in wraps of rather inferior weights, mostly.

Well, the first thing I’ve noticed was in its colors.

Their bright pink hearts overlap with black stripes and others with green and white shades. On the other hand, pink hearts are transformed into green hearts on a beautiful intense pink. It is indescribably soft to the touch recalling velvet although textured, although with a closed and dense weft, it allows exceptional comfort in such a high weight especially on the shoulders, as if you were putting on a handmade jacket, of those very warm … can you imagine ?!

Despite being somewhat rigid, does not really need a lot of dressage to start using it but it needs the right size to be able to tie perfectly and also some experience (so that you are not afraid to stretch the fabric!). Now, I have to say that it’s a pretty chubby wrap. If you are looking for heavyweight wraps, you just found one, even if it has 10% bamboo viscose, its two cottons (40% fluffy cloud cotton and 50% egyptian combed cotton), contrast with that typical bamboo slip and provide you with just the grip, next to its special texture in a pattern of hearts and stripes.

As a porting educator, I was also interested in knowing how it behaved with a smaller baby, so I tried to tie it using a kangaroo in front with my little Lisa of 3,500kg (my assistant in the workshops and consultations! ) and as I thought, though it has a small percentage of bamboo viscose, that gives it softness and makes it more manageable, I did not find it that loving for a newborn.

Too much rag!

We have used it in Autumn, and it was still hot. But as soon as the first cold days arrived, we have removed our Orchidée again, and we have given it double use, from using it as the baby carrier it is, to covering ourselves with it for a little nap on the couch.

And how good it was! Haha! 😉

Because a wrap can be much more than a baby carrier! 🙂

Patrícia Maia Luís 

Sensimo Slings Vafli Black Pearl

Brand: Sensimo Slings
Model: Vafli Black Pearl
Composition: 100% Cotton
Size: Ring Sling
Weight: 270gsm
Color: Multiple

Hello everyone!
I hope you have entered the new year with your right foot. I wish you a year full of babywearing moments and love!

Today I come to show you a wonderful ring sling in every aspect. This Sensimo Vafli Black Pearl arrived brand new and thanks to the weave it also came completely broken. It’s good for small and heavier babies too.

The composition is 100% cotton, my dear cotton …

I loved the color gradient. Vibrant, beautiful, but still not too loud. I’ve always preferred darker colors and this ring sling has a little of both.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the support. Handled the weight of my baby boy and not only. I recall that this ring sling travelled around our country recently, and carried several babies with different weights. No complaints!

The weave, known as Waffle, is spectacular for several reasons. First it’s beautiful! And then it allows the final fabric to be already broken in, to the touch it’s smooth and light! Besides, it is really good when it comes to temperature control.

The big problem for all participants on the tour was that the weave was very open, making the ring sling very prone to pulls and broken lines. No one was comfortable to test it to its full potential, because of the fear of damaging it, which was a shame!

It turned out not to be a wonderful choice for a tester tour, but for one owner it’s a wonderful ring sling! You only have to know how to fix pulls! Hahaha

Till next time,


Brand: Loktu She
Model: Raindrops Sun Ring Sling
Composition: 100% Algodão
Size: 2 m
GSM: 260 g/m2
Cor: Yellow (two tones)
Price: 62.87€

Hi everyone,

This is by far the most difficult review I’ve done. Not because of the baby carrier itself but because we are saying goodbye until there’s a next baby.

As I told you in another review, we carry less and less and so it becomes harder to talk about WQ in a baby carrier. Alicia is already a very independent girl, who likes to run after her brother and no longer has the patience to be carried. It had been a long time since I felt the end was near, and it came. No drama, but a lot of sadness and a desire to go home to make babies, so this never ends.

From now on I leave in my girls hands (I completely trust in all of you) the hard task to talk to you about all of the baby carriers we receive from all the brands, but I’ll keep around to help you in all you need.

Now let’s talk about what brings us here for the last time. We received this ring sling when summer was ending. A yellow ring sling calling the heat and sunshine but with a raindrops pattern.

This ring sling comes from the Czech Republic, by a brand you already know, Loktu She. A brand that aims to spread knowledge about babywearing by offering beautiful, quality and affordable products along with an environmental awareness of the used materials, procedures applied and transportation.

This ring sling which name is “Raindrops Sun” is 100% cotton and 260 g/m2.

This is not the first time I’ve used a Loktu She ring sling, because it was in this brand I invested the first time I bought a babywearing item and I am not at all sorry for my choice.

It is a ring sling that does’nt need much use to stay in point. Although it was a little “stiff”, after 2 or 3 uses no longer offers any resistance to the passage of the fabric in the rings. It is a medium composition sling, meaning it is not too thin or too thick, so I would say it is a great baby carrier for any season with a medium support but very comfortable.

It is not at all prone to pulls and so I would say it would be a good bet for those starting out.

Today we say goodbye with the certainty that “If it’s hard to say goodbye, it means it was worth it.”
I assure you, it was worth every second, minute, hour I spent showing you how fascinating the babywearing world is and that we can create something unique as a mutual help project.

XOXO and see you one day <3

Feather & Hay

Brand: Feather & Hay
Model: When skies are blue
Composition: 100% cotton
Size: 4,3 m
Weave: Rainbow Heart
Colour: Rainbow

Model: Queen of Elphame
Composition: 50% cotton 50% banana silk
Size: 4,3 m
Weave: Undulating ecru twill
Colour: Blue, Orange, pink and lilac

Model: No name
Composition: 100% cotton
Size: 4,2 m
Weave: Twill
Colour: Pink, purple, blue and ecru

When her first year was coming, my little one Zoe had the privilege to receive a wonderful set of wraps, sent by sweet Alice Amieiro Pinho, our favorite consultant who introduced us to this wonderful world of babywearing.

With almost a year into these carrying babies’ task, we had not yet tested the famous handwoven. In the batch of wonderful wraps sent to us, came a Feather & Hay wrap. It was love at first sight (and at first touch) and we quickly realized that making unique wraps has as much of quality as of love.

This wrap, 100% cotton and rainbow heart weave, delighted my baby. It has very good support, although for small babies it is not malleable for most of the carries. However, with some practice, it is a wrap that gives us a lot to gain by its comfort.

Needless to say, we were totally in love and so I went looking for more about F&H.

We then realized that Georgina Rose Clackworthy, a farmer’s daughter, quickly understood that the beautiful landscapes of the United Kingdom inspired her to create pieces that reflected the simple pleasures of life: from breathing “in the gusts on the highest hills, to look for the quiet place where your heart can sing and mind soar”. In addition to this, there is also extreme care in “selecting high quality natural resources that create longer lasting and unique items”.

And the truth is that the most amazing, loving and unique wraps are created, as they are made of materials that she works to the smallest detail.

Apart from this, Georgina is a fantastic woman. I quickly realized when, almost without hesitation, she let me be part of a Baby Wrap Holiday Time, that had already started in Portugal. The wrap that was already breaking some portuguese moms hearts was the “Queen of Elphame”.

The result of a community project turned out to be even more perfect than the one I had the opportunity to try before. Made from 50% cotton 50% banana silk, with undulating ecru twill weave proved to have lightweight but super soft and a fantastic support. I would say that it “suits” any baby with tremendous ease, probably because it has in its composition vegan silk (banana silk) that gives it freshness and malleability. The touch is so soft that you can not guess the amazing support of this wrap.

That said, it goes without saying that I didn’t rest until I had MY Feather & Hay … I ended up buying, in second hand, a wonderful wrap, 100% cotton, twill weave, thin for the summer, and it made our delights in august this year.

I confess that, in terms of malleability, the Queen of Elphame has surpassed any of the others I have tried, but still, I think I was very well served with what I bought because it is very fresh and comfortable, even for a toddler. I just hope Zoe will still let me carry her for a little while so I can give this wrap the deserved endearment.

Finally, despite being a very personal opinion, I think the retail value on the Feather & Hay wraps is pretty good. Bearing in mind, besides what I have already mentioned, that we can even customize our wrap (within reasonable parameters) and that there are lots of promotions throughout the year, it is undoubtedly a brand that can reach many of us without too much financial effort.

And by the way, you can try the giveaway that is taking place here!

Vânia Rodrigues


Marca: Mariblum
Modelo: Sem Nome
Composição: 100% Cânhamo 
Tamanho: Sling de Argolas
Cor: Rosa, Roxo

I was very excited to do this review, not only for the qualities of the ring sling itself, but even more for its production and meaning!

Mariblum is a company located in Germany, founded by Nicole Puls-Grönda (a babywearing consultant) and her husband Hagen Puls, in 2018.
They produce 100% hemp, plant-dyed loops and ring slings. The hemp they use is organically grown in the EU and the baby carriers sewn in Germany.

Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in existence (more info here) and so the brands wraps and slings can be thin yet very stable. Making them perfect for small babies as well as toddlers.

My son is featherweight, but he wiggles and fusses all the time (a master in the art of ruining seats) and so I was super curious to try this ring sling out.

I had never tested a 100% hemp ring sling and was not sure what to expect. When it finally arrived I really liked the feel and texture of the fabric. At the same time I was slightly scared, because it’s really thin …

In terms of color/pattern, let me tell you that it is awesome! The colors are vibrant and there are so many beautiful and interesting details achieved thanks to the use of natural materials to dye the fabric … so each ring sling is unique!

This one in particular is super super special, for us at least, because it was made especially for Panos Viajantes! We were all very excited to see the end result and were not disappointed at all!

On a practical level, I really enjoyed testing this ring sling and it was a nice surprise!
Mariblum products come to us already half broken and therefore the adjustment itself becomes easier and given the material itself it stays well in place!

I was surprised with the support level, because even being a low weight fabric the support is very good!
It’s sturdy enough to take the weight of my little one and maintain comfort! At no point did I feel pain, which is often the case with thinner slings.

When this Mariblum was staying with us we were still having a wonderful weather, which was great to prove that hemp is really fantastic when it comes to temperature regulation.

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to try this ring sling, which is definitely a treat for the eyes!

Till next time!

Libânia Freitas