Mochila ISARA The One

Months ago, Isara picked me as a brand ambassador and let me try their backpack The One.

I’m in love for it’s print since the first moment and, as soon as I grabed it, I loved the jacquard softness.

It’s perfect to front, hip and back carry, adpats to all types of bodies and it’s usable from 3 to 20 kg. A backpack for everyone!

It was a discovery for me, and I hope that you fall in love for it as much as I did!

Paola G. Cavia

Christmas with…

Anela Paparevic-Felegyhazi

As we (almost always) live far away from our family, we have to travel at least 500 kilometers to see them. Traveling with two little ones, Ben 3y old and Noe 1y old isn’t easy at all. To spice it up a bit more, this year we brought along our dog Sparky as well. We pack as we are moving away every time lol, and I always bring along few baby carriers; one ring sling, one woven wrap and one full buckle carrier- those are a life savers for moving in a big city as Budapest is, especially in this rush and crowded time of year.

First, we go gift shopping as we couldn’t fit all the gifts in the car with all of us and our stuff. I didn’t have space to bring my babywearing coat (what a surprise?!) so Isara full buckle carrier is a great choice when entering a shopping mall (easy to take off extra clothes layers without disturbing my baby). I love their festive decorations!

A cup of coffee is a must for me at Starbucks! Their vanilla latte is amazing and gives me much needed energy after few hours spent shopping in a crowd.

No White Christmas this year, but to add to festive feeling we visited the biggest Advent festival in Budapest. We started with a healthy honey cookie for my big boy Ben, I brought some handcrafted gifts for my friends and we had kurtos kalacs- my favorite Hungarian traditional sweet. It is a pastry rolled around a tube, baked above fire, topped with different things- here with cinnamon and sugar, my favorite. It can be filled with chocolate as well. Or vanilla cream. Or… other delicious creams. We had langos for lunch, traditional Hungarian meal as well- sorry no photos as our hands were full. 😅

What is Christmas without a tree, right? So, even if we have one at home in Sarajevo, we got another one to have here in Budapest. A real one- it’s leaves make a wonderful thing with children- as those are spiky, those little hands are kept away from a fully decorated tree. 🤣 Putting on decorations on Dec 24th is a family tradition, we do it together. This year we moved it for the night earlier as we were going to stay overnight at my in-laws on the Christmas Eve. To include the smallest member of our family, a ring sling was a saver! Sorry for no photos of all of us together with a tree, making it was a mission impossible. 🙈

The last but most important tradition is family gathering. My brother in law with his family moved away to USA this summer, so we all had some “screen time” this year to spend some time with family members we were missing.

And at the end, family photo is a must for every gathering we have. There on the right side is my husband’s grandmother Ida and a grand grandmother to our children. This Christmas is her 97th birthday. She is the brightest and the most cheerful soul I ever met, her biggest joy are her grandchildren. She makes our every gathering even more special. ❤️

Happy holidays to all of you around the 🌏 who are reading this Christmas story. May your homes be filled with love and joy and may your baby carriers bring you lots of special moments with your little ones. ❤️

PS: Count the memories, not the calories.😋

Anela Paparevic-Felegyhazi

Kavka Sage Braid

Have you heard about KAVKA? This KAVKA backpack made us company during the last few weeks.

With the girl’s growth I realized that I love backpacks, the need of being held is as fast as the floor need and, in that case, the backpacks are the most practical. It adjusts once and from there on it’s easy to put on and off.

Although it’s already at the height limit, this KAVKA was very nice to carry. We went to the Iberian Wolf Nature Reserve to meet our friends, who are threatened by man, and carried around 2 hours without much discomfort.

Change begins with us, moving on to the next generation that every living being has its importance in nature, that everyone is needed and must be protected.

I hope you enjoyed knowing KAVKA and our wolf friend Rodolfo who let himself be photographed.


Fátima Farinha

Mama Nuka – Gaia

Hello girls!!!!
How are your preparations for Christmas?

Here at home, this is one of our favorite festivities (well, we like everything that is a good excuse to party and eat well, it’s true !!).

In recent days we had here at home a wrap as beautiful as it is special. It was a Mama Nuka, a thin but textured 100% organic cotton wrap, which gives it an extra ease to make the carry, but holds very well, and has great support!

We went with it to the shopping center of our town, peeking the Christmas gifts and it was even a good help to hang the highest balls on our Christmas tree !!!

For you, I wish you happy holidays and many “up’s” on these coming days of holidays and vacations!

Kisses from me and Yara

Sylvia Freitas

Roar Miau Miau


Today I’m going to show you the wrap I relate to the most. Well, introductions are not needed.

This Roar is something extraordinary. First of all it has cats. Whoever knows me knows how much I love cats (and all the animais). Second, it has the colors I relate the most and third of all it’s so fluffy I want to sleep in it.

If it was for me it wouldn’t leave my house anymore. How about you guys, do you have any favorite wrap?

Fátima Farinha

Weird Slings – Ice Ice Baby

“Oh Uau!” – This is what I thought to myself when, finally (!), I could touch this wrap!
The wrap was practically unbroken and yet it was so fluffy, soft and very easy to wear. With it came a pair of beautiful turquoise rings!

Well, I don’t like a half empty glass so I dared myself to try new carries with rings. It was a great idea to get out of my comfort zone, testing carries and trying some beautiful finishes!

I was very pleased with the comfort that certain carries provide and with the versatility and practicality that of the sling rings.
I enjoyed it so much that I cast the same challenge for all the participants of this tester tour. You can check the photos of this challenge on our social networks.

Are you curious to try this wrap? Nothing to fear! At the end of this tester tour it will be available in our sling library!

Until next time,

Ana Timóteo

Everyslings Everyage

Hi babywearers!

How have you been carrying in this rainy weather? Do your children still want a good up?
It’s been harder here after 22 months but we never give up because sometimes he just wants mom’s lap!

Behold we went shopping and nothing better than this carrier to not get us into adventures throughout the entire supermarket! This carrier is so soft and comfortable that we don’t even notice it while we shop!

Come see how we had fun!


Marta Lopes Silveira


Hey Girls!!!!!

It’s been a while since the last photo report, and in those times we had wonderful things in our hands!! One of them was this beautifullllll wrap, wonderful! As soon as it arrived in Portugal, I said “I had to try it”, because it has the most beautiful pattern of roses, which I love! It makes me think of the dresses and cloaks of the princesses of the Middle Ages… Oh what would I do with a wrap like this!

A very soft touch, no need to break it in, as it is already quite soft to the touch due to the silk that composes it (princess like, right?). The times we had it were so good!

Lucky who will use it, as it will be traveling in the near future! Take good care of it princesses!!

See you soon, a kiss from me and from Yara!!!

Roar – I Need Space

today I come to show you the RS that takes us to the moon! For those who like me have their heads always on the moon nothing better than this beautiful RS to characterize us!

Who believes that there are Aliens in the space? How do you imagine them?
Green and slimy with octopus tentacles? Or a super intelligent being who can camouflage and look like us?

Come and give wings to your imagination.

Fátima Farinha

 Halloween 👻🎃

As you all know, tonight Halloween is celebrated, with kids and adults having a great time treat or tricking the neighbors throughout the night!!
Today in this scary Halloween night, Panos’  staff show you their spooky side!

Pick up your brooms and join us in a ride, stricktly masked and, of course, carrying your little ones!!!