Saying goodbye to this strange 2020

Brand: Firespiral Slings
Model: Enchantress Mercury Gossamer
Composition: 74% cotton, 18% linen, 8% Merino wool
Gsm: 270gr
Colors: Grey green & Rose gold 
Size: 3
Price: 134€

This year has been weird for everyone, isn’t it?!

We have started with great enthusiasm taking our traveler wraps to several houses and giving the chance of knowing, pampering and enjoying them, but suddenly a virus has “stopped” us, and travels has slowed down and restructured.

This is one of the travelers who has been surprised by the confinement.

Before this forced break, he has lived all kinds of adventures traveling through different cities and visiting a lot of babywearing families.

It has been worn and enjoyed in the countryside and in the city, it has helped us to run the most everyday errands or long relaxing walks, and it has even traveled by train!

But the pandemic arrived, and it was time to enjoy babywearing in a different way, at another pace, and in more intimate settings.

The hardest blow of the confinement passed and the trip was resumed, adopting all hygiene and safety measures, determined to continue spreading babywearing and bond when they were more necessary than ever.

This has been a traveler marked by circumstances, “simmered”, a symbol of what this year has been, marked for many families by reflecting on the hectic pace at which we have been living. And this report is our little farewell and closing tribute to this strange 2020, which has left us vital lessons that we wish we had learned in a different way.

Welcome 2021!!! Please be a little nice!

Patricia & Sara