Luluna Runes Neon Monochrome (conversion Neko Slings)

Wrap Brand: Luluna Slings
Conversion to Onbuhimo: Neko Slings
Model: Runes Neon Monochrome
Composition: 60% Combed Cotton + 40% Neppy Cotton
Weight: 240gsm
Color: Black and White, with neon details

today I bring you a very special review! And I say special because it brings together in one element a mega DISO *, new friendships and the wonderful connection to Panos Viajantes.

So let’s start at the very beginning: Runes! No, I didn’t go back thousands of years … I just fell madly in love with the Luluna Slings Runes pattern. Their wraps with Runes are the most beautiful thing (for me at least). I love the meaning they represent on a personal level and I love the fact that it is an extremely simple pattern, but at the same time full of charm! I’m not the only one, you can ask the whole legion of crazy fans for all the Runes wraps… (right my dear Nina?)

I didn’t want to make the entire Runes collection, I just wanted one: the Neon Monochrome version (full of colorful details). And this demand (starting mid 2018) could almost be compared to the Viking conquest journey! Hahahaha

It took months and months and months sending messages to those who might had them for sale, to make posts in the brand groups around the world. And it was through one of these groups that I met Melanie (you must remember her from our first Babywearing Around the World article here). I never met her in person, since the distance that separates us is big, and we only had two things in common, the country where she resides and the Runes Neon Monochrome wrap.

That’s right, Melanie had one, I repeat: had! She had recently sold it … but was looking for it again! Oh love is like that! So there began an epic journey in search of a wrap! I specialized in the art of being a stalker … I had almost success a few times, I say almost because when it came to negotiating the owners did not have the courage to sell the wrap (bucket of cold water).

By this time I firmly believed that I would never be able to catch one and I got lost in other versions of this pattern *excuses, cof cof *.

I started by buying a mini retail from Melanie (I’m still looking for a destination for it). Along the way I also couldn’t resist and bought a ring sling, then another shortie… all Runes, but none was my DISO.

Until the day came when Melanie managed to buy one (shorter size than I was looking for) and after a while she asked me if I wanted to buy half! You cannot imagine my happiness…

Obviously I couldn’t say no, and so a scrap of Luluna Runes Neon Monochrome found his way to me! And what a beautiful scrap… smooth and malleable like melted butter! To die for!!!!

And now what was I going to do with a piece of wrap?! Deciding was easy, I wanted an Onbuhimo, the only baby carrier I didn’t have. And here comes Panos Viajantes. Where would I have my conversion done? I had already tried some Onbuhimos through the tester tours we organized and so it was much easier to make that decision!

I chose Neko Slings, who sent us this Onbuhimo some time ago, which I loved to try! Despite being a brand with their own production, they also make personalized baby carriers on request. I started contacting them at the end of December 2019, but unfortunately I had to pause the planning, because due to the pandemic I didn’t want to send my scrap … time passed and at the end of June of this year I finally managed to send the wrap and received my Onbuhimo already this week! They were suuuper fast!

And I couldn’t be happier! It was worth all the work, all the waiting and expectation! the Onbuhimo immediately went for a test drive and I have nothing negative to point out! L-O-V-E-D-I-T!

The stroll ended with an empty Onbuhimo … Daddy’s shoulders are much more fun! I get it hahaha

Ps.: There was still some fabric left from the scrap I sent and Neko decided to offer me a matching baby carrier for dolls, how wonderful of them!

Is there also a special DISO out there for you? Tell us everything.

Till next time,

*DISO = Desperately In Search Of