Mama Nuka – Gaia

Brand: Mama Nuka
Model: Gaia
Composition: 100% Organic Cotton
Size: 6
Weight: 216gsm
Color: Beje & Amarelo Ocre
Price: 128€

today I’m going to tell you a little bit about the wonderful wrap that we’ve been testing from Mama Nuka.

But first let me tell you a little about the history of the brand.
Mama Nuka appeared in the summer of 2015 — during a coffee break in Berlin… . The brand was created by two entrepreneur women, Stefanie and Stephanie, both living in Germany.

During a trip to India they saw mothers carrying their babies everywhere. At the time they were not yet mothers themselves, but they had a natural certainty that they would be one day. Driven by their passion for textiles, they explored different techniques, different ways of dyeing fabric and different types of qualities.

And so the purpose of creating something valuable arose, not only for them, but for all people who expected something as precious as a baby. For them babies are the most precious thing we can hold in our arms and as such their wraps are so soft, pliable and natural. In India, the cradle of traditional textile production, they discovered the potential to dye materials naturally, that result of vibrant colors and without chemicals.

In this way they united their values: passion for the textile area and making the world a better place… and all this in a wrap to carry our children. You are already full of desire to try a wrap like this, right?

Right now carrying my sun is one of the most difficult things in the world hahaha. He is 23 months old and the only thing he wants is “tão” (also known as the floor). He just wants to run, jump and run some more.

I looked forward to receiving this wrap and the surprise was really good! A beautiful woven wrap, with neutral colors, super malleable and easy to use.

Let’s start with the most unique feature: color! As you can see by the brand’s history, the wraps are all dyed naturally, without chemicals. In this case we have two brownish tones that derive from the wraps own name: Gaia, the Goddess of Earth. The colors were achieved through the use of pomegranate and catechu. Thus giving rise to these more earthy and serene colors.

You can see the entire collection and the materials used to dye all of the wraps on the brands website.

The fact that we have a division by colors makes it easier to identify the top and bottom rail of the wrap, which helps a lot when it comes to making the carry (with a very slippery eel in my case hahaha).

This broken twill wrap is 100% organic cotton and weighs 216gsm. It provides the necessary stability and flexibility for a very comfortable fit for smaller babies and in a double layer for heavier toddlers.

I found the wrap very comfortable, even though it’s a bit more thin the I usual use, and this last feature ends up helping a lot in malleability. It definitely didn’t need much breaking in.

In terms of support, I was also not disappointed. It maintained the carry very well and it was possible to stroll around without any major concerns. The texture of the wrap itself helps with the grip… thus completing the dynamic between the fit and the support.

I think it is an ideal wrap to be used all year round, in all temperatures. As it is thin it does not overheat and can be the perfect wrap for our sunny days!

It was a pleasure to test this wrap and I know that it delighted all the families it passed through on its trip in our country, which started last year.

Thank you Mama Nuka!
This beauty will now go back home to you! <3