Carrying is always having them close by, listening and deciphering their signals so that we can answer their call and cuddle them all the time. It’s hands free for daily chores or simply having coffee.

Babywearing during isolation is not that different.
I’ve wanted to write about this for a long time. Exactly 37 days ago.

37 days of intermittent babywearing which, until recently, was intense and daily, with no more problems than choosing a baby carrier for each situation or the color of a wrap. We had a happy almost 2 years of babywearing, in which there was no place for strikes, although fear sometimes haunted me.

And suddenly everything changed! Then, in 24 hours, we stopped leaving the house “on our backs” to do our outside routine, breathe fresh air (what the city allows), walk, play, see faces, bodies, hug and feel the humane heat from others. And carrying it on his back, it became a beautiful memory of busy and fast days.

Now, we had so much time, too much time to fold and order our baby carriers stash … and also to look at them with sadness and longing.

What it cost me to convince her to climb on the wrap only once, one last time, I believed. But finally, maybe after talking to her about wraps and our moments, one day she asked me “onbu!” and then “wrap” … And I was happy! 😍

In just over a month and a half, I and some of my colleagues from “Panos Viajantes” were presented with small moments of those “only ours”. We were lucky to have them so close at nap time, to pamper them, to dance and laugh. Working mothers continued to work and continued to carry, older kids and girls still rest on wraps, although they have not rested on them with their mothers. We here, reinvent ourselves and create a new routine: dance, dance more than ever (in the end, it will be super necessary between bread and bread !! 😅😜)!

We, families, have spent intense days without being able to leave the house normally and, in the case of children, the situation is even more delicate, because here in Spain they are not allowed to go outside for absolutely nothing. In Portugal, isolation is voluntary; therefore, sometimes, there are escapes in the open air taking the necessary precautions, a good reason to carry and take them very close to us. Soon, there will be small changes so much awaited for everyone in Spain, but even so, babywearing will continue to be part of the “process of returning to normal” for some families.

And soon the long, sunny walks carrying our little ones will stop shining just in our imagination!

Take care of yourself, meanwhile, go home … just a little bit more.🌈

Patrícia Maia Luís