Do you know how many girls have come and go in Panos Viajantes’ team?
Do you know Sara, as an example? Milene? Débora? Anyone?

Panos Viajantes’ family is big and I have a lot to thanks to all of them who are a part, or were a part, of this team. My big thank you for the companionship, dedication, care, friendship and, most of all, for putting me up for such a long time.

Milene was one of them that made Panos Viajantes grow, and the wrap that I show you today came from her home. A beautiful Yaro Slings that I was in love for such a long time and that I didn’t mind it would’ve stayed living in my house.

A cotton, silk and tencel wrap with 305g/m2, very confortable, not warm at all despite it’s weight. It’s a textured wrap, stunning and pink. It’s a luxury, with threads that are a symbolic representation of gravity, and is missed.

If I had to do a Top 5 list, this would be one of it.

Inês Leite Rocha