ElirilE Lionfish Nymphea

Brand: ElirilE
Model: Lionfish Nymphea
Composition: 44% baby alpaca; 35% egyptian mercerised bio-cotton; 21% bio-cotton
Size: 5
Colour: Yellowish & Purple

Writing about a cloth is always very complicated for me. I am not a consultant and, being a math’s teacher, I’m not in any way comfortable with letters and words and all this … in fact, the only thing I can write about, and which I usually speak about, is my huge passion for this babywearing world. Although I carry less and less, because the girl no longer needs to be held, there’s an opportunity, from time to time, to try something new. It happened with this ElirilE, a capicua that surprised us, me and my babygirl, in a very good way!

I love to carry and there are cloths that seem just right, a love at first sight, even before trying them on. This was not one of those fabrics. When this wrap was sent to me, I was not that excited … the cloth seemed too exuberant and, although it is very soft at touch, it’s thick. Soft, but thick. It took me a few days until I finally try it… I did a few tries, but every time I took it to wrap the girl, thoughts like “maybe I’ll put her on an RS that is thinner and quicker to put on and take off”, took place, and so we delayed the experience… for a few days!

Until I decided to give ElirilE a chance. On a sunny day, we went for a walk and I put the girl on a very simple back carry. I didn’t want to believe how easy I managed to do it, because the idea I had was that the thickness of the cloth (together with the girl’s impatience) would not make my life easier. Even though, I did not wrap her with too much adjustment, I instantly felt a wonderful comfort. The cloth, although thick, is very soft and has an excellent support and, even being a little slippery, with a firm finish, it stays in place.

The biggest surprise of all came on a day when the little one needed a treat. She asked for cloth, “but in front mommy!” … And I, for the first time in my life, managed to use a carry that I had never been able to do before (even when she was a newborn): a kangaroo front carry! And at first it came out perfect (I say humbly). Perfect and so comfortable that we could spend the whole afternoon cuddling … we could, if it wasn’t for just one thing: it is a warm cloth. Excellent for colder days and for walks in cold weather, but not very pleasant on sunny days.

Finally, I just add that these colors, although they seem a little “showy”, they combine perfectly and, although at first glance it seems to be too strong for our eyes, the cloth carrying a baby is just beautiful. Don’t you think?