Today I’ll talk to you about a brand new RS :). It was my first brand new traveller. That may sound great but a pre loved wrap can be easier and maelable.  

I was surprised by the positive! I researched a bit about the brand and noticed that most of the slings are for tiny and light weight babies. Nothing suited for my heavy girl. I opened the package with much expectation, I touched and felt it, and thought… let’s try it!

This June 22 it’s made of linen. I loved it’s mustard color and it’s a rough feeling as linen should be. It’s a thin wrap but strong, easy to adjust and must be amazing for hot days. It’s very practical because it can be stores in a tiny purse. I was greatly surprised with this brand and gives me the want of another baby to try others RS of the brand. I think it’s worth it.

I’ll say goodbye to it this tuesdday. It will be missed. See you soon.

Daniela Benedito