Maggie and Babywearing

Hello, today is a special day! Two years ago, on February 11, it was 40 weeks, the expected delivery date. It’s the date that never seems to come, fear settles in; will it be born well, healthy? And then the date goes by and nothing, nerves and anxiety increase.
Well she was born seven days later, and we already had a scheduled induction for the next day!

Because it’s a special day, I decided to tell you how we met babywearing, how we got into it and how it went up until now!

During pregnancy I got to know babywearing by a friend (who was part of this team, by the way).
As most human beings, we did not know babywearing, nor had we ever heard of it, and did what most people do, buy a stroller. But we knew that we were also going to need to carry her and we wanted to. So, like most mortals, we were going to buy a baby carrier, until mid-pregnancy, and without having invested money in one, they introduced us to babywearing. From there we went to search for more information.
Well, I decided to buy a wrap from this friend and we arranged for the 18th of February, after lunch, but I was cutting the nails of one of the cats when one of them remembered to run away. I went up after the cat and I felt all wet. The waters broke. I didn’t go to get the wrap anymore and I only had it almost a month later.

Now I may think the stroller was a bad investment, at least to have invested in such an expensive one, we used it little or nothing, and it has been stored for almost a year. Babywearing came to be part of our life, our routine. From going to take the garbage, walking the dog, calming a simple colic, going shopping, walking, babywearing was our salvation for the early days.

And now? Now, with almost 2 years old is ending, there are phases and our baby is a grown up. It is February and I haven’t carried it since we went to see the Christmas lights. Now the need to carry is no longer the same.

I’m preparing myself to leave this project wich is so dear to me.

Agradeço do fundo do coração a todas as colegas e amigas desta equipa que estiveram sempre presentes e prontas a ajudar! E claro quando os teus amigos que não têm filhos se afastam porque de certo modo deixámos de ter alguma coisa em comum, entraram elas e criamos novas amizades. Sem dúvida uma nova família.
I thank all my colleagues and friends of this team, who were always present and ready to help, from the bottom of my heart! And of course, when your friends who don’t have children don’t come closer because in a way we no longer have anything in common, they came in and created new friendships. Without a doubt a new family.

Fátima Farinha