June 22 – Dulce de Leche

About the brand:
On June 22, 2016, Leonie, daughter of Audrey
Timbert Kiavué, was born. But only the next day
could this mother hold her baby.
In May 2018, Audrey created the June 22 brand,
allowing more than 7500 mothers to carry their
babies, while remaining freer.

About the tested ring sling:
Short and narrow semi-elastic wrap, 100% organic
cotton, beige and silver rings. Suitable for newborns
and approved up to 10 kg.

I chose this June 22 ring sling for a few days of good lap in the heart of Alentejo.

Its placement and adjustment is extremely easy, given the small dimensions of the fabric (both in height and width), which easily crosses the rings.

Its soft color adapted perfectly to the atmosphere experienced in the Convent of Aarraiolos.

The soft and light touch shook my 8.5 kg baby on the country and the city of Evora walks.

But given the characteristic of the semi-elastic fabric, which lacks some adjustment, I would recommend this ring sling for small babies.

When we went up to the castle of Arraiolos there was a strong wind, cold and wet.

Therefore, we chose to use the ring sling under a windbreaker jacket, which was possible because it is a small and very thick fabric.

(In fact, this baby carrier may be a better option for warmer days.)

But the most important thing is that this ring sling spread a lot of love wherever it was <3 <3 <3