June 22 – Téa

Brand: June 22
Model: Téa
Composition: 100% mottled organic cotton
Color: Grey
Recommended Weight: 10 Kg max.

Hi, I’m Sabla D’Oliveira, I have a 5 month old baby and we’re starting our adventure with the Panos Viajantes!

We started by taking a walk with the June 22 ring sling, made from an unusual fabric.

This sling is very curious. We used it when we went to the park for the oldest (7 years old) to ride a bike. We decided to take the baby stroller, it would be the second time, because it was actually more to use the stroller, hehe.
However, I put the ring sling in my bag. And it was surprise number 1: small, light and takes up almost no space compared to other slings. It looked like I was packing a small tracksuit jacket. And of course, it was necessary to use the sling, as the little one does not stay in the stroller for long. We parked the stroller very well and went for a sling ride and accompanied the brother on his bicycle.

And surprise number 2 appears: very easy to adjust. It looked like it was really a sweat-shirt, the tail is short, the width is also smaller, because it is a small sling, however it did not make any difference to my height (1.71m and size M). To be used with someone of bigger stature, it would have to be a longer sling.
The fabric is cozy and warm, I think it is always more comfortable to wear in winter than in summer.
I even used the sling to support breastfeeding on the park bench. And surprise 3: I widened the sling, the baby was very well supported (and warm) while breastfeeding, and when she was finished, I put it back on without worrying too much about the fabric in the rings, because it flows very easily, no need to readjust the fabric too much.

My daughter is already over 8kg, and I felt that this sling is great for short trips. Short walks in the park, trips to the supermarket, pick up the oldest from school, for example. After some time of use (at the end of about an hour), I felt some pressure on the shoulder and some sagging with the baby’s weight (but that easily readjusted).

Adorei o tamanho e a facilidade com que fica comprimido na mala. No regresso a casa, teve mesmo de ser de carrinho, pois a bicicleta do mais velho teve um furo. Eu tive de carregar a bicicleta e o mano empurrar o carrinho, onde a mana ia com uma mantinha e o sling a aconchegar do frio!
I loved the size and the ease with which it gets compressed in the bag. On the way home, it really had to be in a stroller, because the older’s bicycle had a puncture. I had to carry the bike and the brother push the cart, where the sister went with a blanket and the sling to snuggle from the cold!

Sabla D’Oliveira