Brand: Roar 
Model: L’Amour Orchidée 
Compositon: 40% Fluffy Cloud Cotton; 50% Egyptian Cotton ; 10% Bamboo Viscose.
Size: 4
Weight: 310g/m2
Color: rosa, negro, blanco y verde
Price: 89€

This fall I received a package at home that was literally, very fluffy!

It was my long-awaited Roar L’Amour Orchidée!

I was very curious to see up close and try this wrap, first, for being a Roar L’Amour and secondly, for its 310gr with bamboo viscose. I wondered what a wrap of such grammage with bamboo would look like, because until now I was used to feeling bamboo in wraps of rather inferior weights, mostly.

Well, the first thing I’ve noticed was in its colors.

Their bright pink hearts overlap with black stripes and others with green and white shades. On the other hand, pink hearts are transformed into green hearts on a beautiful intense pink. It is indescribably soft to the touch recalling velvet although textured, although with a closed and dense weft, it allows exceptional comfort in such a high weight especially on the shoulders, as if you were putting on a handmade jacket, of those very warm … can you imagine ?!

Despite being somewhat rigid, does not really need a lot of dressage to start using it but it needs the right size to be able to tie perfectly and also some experience (so that you are not afraid to stretch the fabric!). Now, I have to say that it’s a pretty chubby wrap. If you are looking for heavyweight wraps, you just found one, even if it has 10% bamboo viscose, its two cottons (40% fluffy cloud cotton and 50% egyptian combed cotton), contrast with that typical bamboo slip and provide you with just the grip, next to its special texture in a pattern of hearts and stripes.

As a porting educator, I was also interested in knowing how it behaved with a smaller baby, so I tried to tie it using a kangaroo in front with my little Lisa of 3,500kg (my assistant in the workshops and consultations! ) and as I thought, though it has a small percentage of bamboo viscose, that gives it softness and makes it more manageable, I did not find it that loving for a newborn.

Too much rag!

We have used it in Autumn, and it was still hot. But as soon as the first cold days arrived, we have removed our Orchidée again, and we have given it double use, from using it as the baby carrier it is, to covering ourselves with it for a little nap on the couch.

And how good it was! Haha! 😉

Because a wrap can be much more than a baby carrier! 🙂

Patrícia Maia Luís