Sensimo Slings Vafli Black Pearl

Brand: Sensimo Slings
Model: Vafli Black Pearl
Composition: 100% Cotton
Size: Ring Sling
Weight: 270gsm
Color: Multiple

Hello everyone!
I hope you have entered the new year with your right foot. I wish you a year full of babywearing moments and love!

Today I come to show you a wonderful ring sling in every aspect. This Sensimo Vafli Black Pearl arrived brand new and thanks to the weave it also came completely broken. It’s good for small and heavier babies too.

The composition is 100% cotton, my dear cotton …

I loved the color gradient. Vibrant, beautiful, but still not too loud. I’ve always preferred darker colors and this ring sling has a little of both.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the support. Handled the weight of my baby boy and not only. I recall that this ring sling travelled around our country recently, and carried several babies with different weights. No complaints!

The weave, known as Waffle, is spectacular for several reasons. First it’s beautiful! And then it allows the final fabric to be already broken in, to the touch it’s smooth and light! Besides, it is really good when it comes to temperature control.

The big problem for all participants on the tour was that the weave was very open, making the ring sling very prone to pulls and broken lines. No one was comfortable to test it to its full potential, because of the fear of damaging it, which was a shame!

It turned out not to be a wonderful choice for a tester tour, but for one owner it’s a wonderful ring sling! You only have to know how to fix pulls! Hahaha

Till next time,