Maja Kucán – Croácia

1. Tell us more about yourself.
My name is Maja, I’m 31 years old. At this moment I live in Karlovac (Croatia) and work in telecomunications. I’m also a certified babywearing consultant and a volunteer at Croatian mountain rescue service. I have a 3 year old son. ☺️ I still babywear him. 

2. Why/How did you decide to start babywearing? 
My babywearing experience started with my first son. Because of his condition and the fact that he never came home to us. Everything I could do at that time was holding him in my arms. He died when he almost reached 2 months. The only thing that made us happy was that touch and the moments we had, so I felt natural to babywear my second son. I decided to learn more because I felt that something was wrong when I saw all the babies in the hospital without a human touch. I can still remember how calm they were when they get it from the nurses and parents who could come for few hours a day. 

3. Is babywearing a common thing in your country? What do people think about it?
Now is everything going in some other direction. You can see that lot of parents really love to babywear. There is still some kind of rejections of the elderly but we are making new/old history. 

4. What is your favorite carrier?
Hum… I love them all ☺️ I could say that Almitra is something special ☺️

5. Do you have a favorite carry?
Yes, it’s a classic hip carry.

6. Did you feel any difficulties in your babywearing journey? Difficulties? Oh, every day you hear someone who say something unkind to parents who would like to babywear.

7. What advice would you give to new parents?
I don’t have advice that could make a spectacular moment but all I can say is: try and wait for a moment. Give your baby touch and peace.