Brand: Loktu She
Model: Raindrops Sun Ring Sling
Composition: 100% Algodão
Size: 2 m
GSM: 260 g/m2
Cor: Yellow (two tones)
Price: 62.87€

Hi everyone,

This is by far the most difficult review I’ve done. Not because of the baby carrier itself but because we are saying goodbye until there’s a next baby.

As I told you in another review, we carry less and less and so it becomes harder to talk about WQ in a baby carrier. Alicia is already a very independent girl, who likes to run after her brother and no longer has the patience to be carried. It had been a long time since I felt the end was near, and it came. No drama, but a lot of sadness and a desire to go home to make babies, so this never ends.

From now on I leave in my girls hands (I completely trust in all of you) the hard task to talk to you about all of the baby carriers we receive from all the brands, but I’ll keep around to help you in all you need.

Now let’s talk about what brings us here for the last time. We received this ring sling when summer was ending. A yellow ring sling calling the heat and sunshine but with a raindrops pattern.

This ring sling comes from the Czech Republic, by a brand you already know, Loktu She. A brand that aims to spread knowledge about babywearing by offering beautiful, quality and affordable products along with an environmental awareness of the used materials, procedures applied and transportation.

This ring sling which name is “Raindrops Sun” is 100% cotton and 260 g/m2.

This is not the first time I’ve used a Loktu She ring sling, because it was in this brand I invested the first time I bought a babywearing item and I am not at all sorry for my choice.

It is a ring sling that does’nt need much use to stay in point. Although it was a little “stiff”, after 2 or 3 uses no longer offers any resistance to the passage of the fabric in the rings. It is a medium composition sling, meaning it is not too thin or too thick, so I would say it is a great baby carrier for any season with a medium support but very comfortable.

It is not at all prone to pulls and so I would say it would be a good bet for those starting out.

Today we say goodbye with the certainty that “If it’s hard to say goodbye, it means it was worth it.”
I assure you, it was worth every second, minute, hour I spent showing you how fascinating the babywearing world is and that we can create something unique as a mutual help project.

XOXO and see you one day <3