Kavka Sage Braid

Have you heard about KAVKA? This KAVKA backpack made us company during the last few weeks.

With the girl’s growth I realized that I love backpacks, the need of being held is as fast as the floor need and, in that case, the backpacks are the most practical. It adjusts once and from there on it’s easy to put on and off.

Although it’s already at the height limit, this KAVKA was very nice to carry. We went to the Iberian Wolf Nature Reserve to meet our friends, who are threatened by man, and carried around 2 hours without much discomfort.

Change begins with us, moving on to the next generation that every living being has its importance in nature, that everyone is needed and must be protected.

I hope you enjoyed knowing KAVKA and our wolf friend Rodolfo who let himself be photographed.


Fátima Farinha