Lara Ashatane Farquharson – Switzerland

1. Tell us more about yourself.
My name is Lara. I’m 32 and I live in Switzerland. I am a stay at home mom, a photographer and a babywearing consultant. I am the lucky mom of three children. They are 8, 6 and 2 years old.

2. Why/How did you decide to start babywearing? 
When I decided to start babywearing almost 9 years ago (when I was pregnant) it was not a common thing in Switzerland. But instinctively it felt like the right thing to do. Back then I was already amazed by all the babywearing caregivers around the world.

3. Is babywearing a common thing in your country? What do people think about it?
Now it is much more common to see parents babywearing their child and nobody seems surprised anymore. But a few years ago people often came to me asking questions and I often heard positive comments about it.

4. What is your favorite carrier?
Baby wraps are definitely my favorite way to carry. They are like a second skin to me.

5. Do you have a favorite carry?
I don’t think I do. I like hip or back carry with an extra short wrap for a quick up. Backcarries for a long walk in the forest. Or front carry to breastfeed or to cuddle my little one.

6. Did you feel any difficulties in your babywearing journey?
In the beginning I did. I thought that I had to use a long wrap and had nobody to help me. It was long and uneasy. Often uncomfortable especially when my baby was crying.

7. What advice would you give to new parents?
My advice would be: trust yourself and practice! It will only become easier with time. Don’t listen to negative comments. Babywearing is natural and normal. Our ancestors did it before us. And it is so helpful to take care of your child. Ask for help if you struggle and enjoy!!!