Feather & Hay

Brand: Feather & Hay
Model: When skies are blue
Composition: 100% cotton
Size: 4,3 m
Weave: Rainbow Heart
Colour: Rainbow

Model: Queen of Elphame
Composition: 50% cotton 50% banana silk
Size: 4,3 m
Weave: Undulating ecru twill
Colour: Blue, Orange, pink and lilac

Model: No name
Composition: 100% cotton
Size: 4,2 m
Weave: Twill
Colour: Pink, purple, blue and ecru

When her first year was coming, my little one Zoe had the privilege to receive a wonderful set of wraps, sent by sweet Alice Amieiro Pinho, our favorite consultant who introduced us to this wonderful world of babywearing.

With almost a year into these carrying babies’ task, we had not yet tested the famous handwoven. In the batch of wonderful wraps sent to us, came a Feather & Hay wrap. It was love at first sight (and at first touch) and we quickly realized that making unique wraps has as much of quality as of love.

This wrap, 100% cotton and rainbow heart weave, delighted my baby. It has very good support, although for small babies it is not malleable for most of the carries. However, with some practice, it is a wrap that gives us a lot to gain by its comfort.

Needless to say, we were totally in love and so I went looking for more about F&H.

We then realized that Georgina Rose Clackworthy, a farmer’s daughter, quickly understood that the beautiful landscapes of the United Kingdom inspired her to create pieces that reflected the simple pleasures of life: from breathing “in the gusts on the highest hills, to look for the quiet place where your heart can sing and mind soar”. In addition to this, there is also extreme care in “selecting high quality natural resources that create longer lasting and unique items”.

And the truth is that the most amazing, loving and unique wraps are created, as they are made of materials that she works to the smallest detail.

Apart from this, Georgina is a fantastic woman. I quickly realized when, almost without hesitation, she let me be part of a Baby Wrap Holiday Time, that had already started in Portugal. The wrap that was already breaking some portuguese moms hearts was the “Queen of Elphame”.

The result of a community project turned out to be even more perfect than the one I had the opportunity to try before. Made from 50% cotton 50% banana silk, with undulating ecru twill weave proved to have lightweight but super soft and a fantastic support. I would say that it “suits” any baby with tremendous ease, probably because it has in its composition vegan silk (banana silk) that gives it freshness and malleability. The touch is so soft that you can not guess the amazing support of this wrap.

That said, it goes without saying that I didn’t rest until I had MY Feather & Hay … I ended up buying, in second hand, a wonderful wrap, 100% cotton, twill weave, thin for the summer, and it made our delights in august this year.

I confess that, in terms of malleability, the Queen of Elphame has surpassed any of the others I have tried, but still, I think I was very well served with what I bought because it is very fresh and comfortable, even for a toddler. I just hope Zoe will still let me carry her for a little while so I can give this wrap the deserved endearment.

Finally, despite being a very personal opinion, I think the retail value on the Feather & Hay wraps is pretty good. Bearing in mind, besides what I have already mentioned, that we can even customize our wrap (within reasonable parameters) and that there are lots of promotions throughout the year, it is undoubtedly a brand that can reach many of us without too much financial effort.

And by the way, you can try the giveaway that is taking place here!

Vânia Rodrigues