Giudy Pennacchio – Italy

1. Tell us more about yourself. 
My name is Giuditta, I live in a small-medium city in Italy called Brescia, I’m a Tagesmutter and I’m studying to be a babywearing consultant, I have one baby (Emanuela) and she has 15 months… I’ve been carrying her since she had one month…and, before, I carried (very badly and only with ringsling) the children that I kept as a Tagesmutter!

2. Why/How did you decide to start babywearing? 
I have a dear friend who had a child about two years before me and she gave me the passion for this wonderful world.

3. Is babywearing a common thing in your country? What do people think about it?
We’re working on it! Surely it is more common and known than a few years ago.. in my neighborhood, however, we are only two carrying-mamas and, at the beginning, when Emanuela was a newborn, a lot of people observed us with curiosity and someone with concern (“but… can she breathe in there?”)

4. What is your favorite carrier?
It depends on the moment… till Emanuela had about 8 months I preferred a size 6 wrap and then a short wrap (size 3-4). Now (and in the last three months) I prefer ringslings, maybe a little bit longer, to make also rucksack with it!

5. Do you have a favorite carry?
When we use a long size I prefer doing simple X or fwcc, while with a short one I like to do robin’s or rucksack!

6. Did you feel any difficulties in your babywearing journey? 
No, exactly the opposite. Babywearing saved me from the difficulties on my journey as a mother (… and as a woman!).

7. What advice would you give to new parents? 
I would love that all new parents had the opportunity to try out babywearing, that they don’t give up because they think they are denied “with ties”, that they give themselves the chance… and if then babywearing is not for them, after having really tried, the stroller is always there awaiting!
That’s why I’m studying to become a consultant: because I’m convinced that babywearing can really make the difference! 
Especially for those mothers, like me, who don’t have their grandparents nearby and who have passed the first months completely alone…