Marca: Mariblum
Modelo: Sem Nome
Composição: 100% Cânhamo 
Tamanho: Sling de Argolas
Cor: Rosa, Roxo

I was very excited to do this review, not only for the qualities of the ring sling itself, but even more for its production and meaning!

Mariblum is a company located in Germany, founded by Nicole Puls-Grönda (a babywearing consultant) and her husband Hagen Puls, in 2018.
They produce 100% hemp, plant-dyed loops and ring slings. The hemp they use is organically grown in the EU and the baby carriers sewn in Germany.

Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in existence (more info here) and so the brands wraps and slings can be thin yet very stable. Making them perfect for small babies as well as toddlers.

My son is featherweight, but he wiggles and fusses all the time (a master in the art of ruining seats) and so I was super curious to try this ring sling out.

I had never tested a 100% hemp ring sling and was not sure what to expect. When it finally arrived I really liked the feel and texture of the fabric. At the same time I was slightly scared, because it’s really thin …

In terms of color/pattern, let me tell you that it is awesome! The colors are vibrant and there are so many beautiful and interesting details achieved thanks to the use of natural materials to dye the fabric … so each ring sling is unique!

This one in particular is super super special, for us at least, because it was made especially for Panos Viajantes! We were all very excited to see the end result and were not disappointed at all!

On a practical level, I really enjoyed testing this ring sling and it was a nice surprise!
Mariblum products come to us already half broken and therefore the adjustment itself becomes easier and given the material itself it stays well in place!

I was surprised with the support level, because even being a low weight fabric the support is very good!
It’s sturdy enough to take the weight of my little one and maintain comfort! At no point did I feel pain, which is often the case with thinner slings.

When this Mariblum was staying with us we were still having a wonderful weather, which was great to prove that hemp is really fantastic when it comes to temperature regulation.

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to try this ring sling, which is definitely a treat for the eyes!

Till next time!

Libânia Freitas