Weird Slings – Ice Ice Baby

“Oh Uau!” – This is what I thought to myself when, finally (!), I could touch this wrap!
The wrap was practically unbroken and yet it was so fluffy, soft and very easy to wear. With it came a pair of beautiful turquoise rings!

Well, I don’t like a half empty glass so I dared myself to try new carries with rings. It was a great idea to get out of my comfort zone, testing carries and trying some beautiful finishes!

I was very pleased with the comfort that certain carries provide and with the versatility and practicality that of the sling rings.
I enjoyed it so much that I cast the same challenge for all the participants of this tester tour. You can check the photos of this challenge on our social networks.

Are you curious to try this wrap? Nothing to fear! At the end of this tester tour it will be available in our sling library!

Until next time,

Ana Timóteo