Wild Slings True Love Eclipse Solaire

Brand: Wild Sling
Model: True Love Eclipse Solaire
Composition: 88% Organic Pima Cotton & 12% Rexor Viscose
Color: Black & Gold
Size: 6
Weight: 275 g/ m2
Price: 160 – 260€


I’m back, after a while away, to tell you more about Roar/Diso/Wild Slings. We already showed you a Diso prototype here and Roar Meow Meow here and today is my turn to show you a Wild Slings.

When I started carrying it was with a structured carrier, and when I finally started using wraps I always thought I would never have access to higher value ones. I started with a Little Frog, bought an Ellevill at a bargain price and my idea would always be never to exceed a certain value. I just couldn’t understand why you would have to spend so much money on a wrap if there were such cheap good wraps.

Until I joined this project of Panos Viajantes and realized that there was a difference after all! And what a difference! I was trying so many wraps and getting more and more curious! The babywearing world is really a giant and also a rabbit hole, if we are not careful our wallet suffers!

When I received this Wild Slings I was, once again, in love. It comes in a box that gives it a premium touch, with the brand symbol engraved. Inside we find a brand bag with the wrap. I peeked and just saw black. I love black, so I was super excited right away. I calmly opened it and saw the golden touches that paint the black side of the wrap. What a delicacy of pattern that stands out softly on the black base. On the other side we are greeted with a gold so bright that makes us think that we are facing a glittery wrap. But the glitter “scratches” and this wrap is super soft on both sides! What material is this? I see the label and find that I am facing a wrap with Rexor Viscose, a material that generates a lot of curiosity because it can maintain the brightness of the glitter and give an extra softness to the wrap.

When we went on vacation to Aveiro I took the opportunity to take this wrap. I was curious to test how it could handle Alice’s weight and whether it would be as comfortable as it looked. We took a walk through the city park and met all the requirements. It’s cushy on the shoulders, which is important for those like me who have a lot of shoulder contractures and carry a little heavy toddler. It also has excellent support, which makes it perfect for toddlers and as it is so malleable and soft I believe it will be great for small babies too.

It is a wrap that slides well, so it is super easy to adjust, but as it has little grip there may need to be readjustments (although I had no problems, but when carrying for longer periods I believe it is necessary).

For me it’s another perfect wrap to fulfill a babywearing life, from newborn until they no longer want to be wrapped. Although Alice is in a more “difficult” phase where she doesn’t always let herself be carryed, this was one of the most easily accepted wraps in recent times, and that alone is a sign of how comfortable this wrap is for both of us.

It will be traveling soon, but until then, if you are curious and want to test it it’s available in our Try It Out sling library, along with other wraps, ring slings and carriers.

Bárbara Alves