Mama Nuka

Mama Nuka emerged in the summer of 2015 – during a coffee break in Berlin…

The brand was created by two entrepreneur women, Stefanie and Stephanie, both living in Germany.
During a trip to India they saw women carrying their babies everywhere. They were not mothers at the time, but they were naturally sure they would be one day.
Driven by their passion for textiles, they explored different techniques, different ways of dyeing and different kinds of qualities.

And so came the goal of creating something valuable, not just for them, but for all the people who expected something as precious as a baby.
For them babies are the most precious thing they can hold in their arms and as such their wraps are so soft, pliable and natural.

In India, the cradle of traditional textile production, they discovered the potential to dye materials naturally, with a result of vibrant, chemical-free color.

And so they united their values: passion for textiles and making the world a better place… .and all this in a woven wrap to carry our children.