Lolly Tropicana Nigra

Hi! Probably you don’t know me… it’s quite normal! It’s my first time around here. If you want to know more about me and/or the other ladies check it out here. As my first article I bring you this Lolly. It has already stayed with us in a tester tour but it’s always nice to see it again and carry with it!

Today I’ll talk to you about holding and carrying our babies! I believe it’s not necessary to go through the carrying benefits – because the people around here already know this back and forward -, but I wanted to give you a whole another perspective of the topic.

I don’t quite remember which tester tour was, but during my whining about my son always wanting to be held and nursed, Ana Rodrigues said to me “Take it easy. Don’t spit up in the air.”. I confessed that I didn’t fully understood what she meant because in my head that was a forever situation (exaggerating, but you get me). Recently, when I finished wrapping my son he said “Mum, put me down!”. Whoever knows him is aware that he never wants to be put down while being carried. It was a couple of minutes with mixed feelings between pride, for his small independency step, and sadness for realizing the carrying days are over soon than later.

At that time I remembered Ana’s words that only then made sense. I learned not to forget to value the carrying we give each outher. I’m sure there are some moms on that screen’s side that see themselves in this ambiguous situation!

See you next time!

P.S. – After 5 minutes: “Mom, up!”. What a relief! 🙂

Ana Timóteo