Solnice – Genesis Marble

Brand: Solnce Slings
Model: Genesis Marble 
Composition: 100% Egyptian Cotton 
Color: Silver and Steel
Size: 4
Weight: 275 g/m2
Price: 145€

Hello everyone.

You know, with the return of the rain we are a little grayer just like the days. At this point I leave the colors of summer and embrace the classic, simple and elegant winter colors and patterns. And nothing reminds me more of this time than this wrap.

So today I let you know about Solnce, this brand has evolved as a result of its creator’s passion for exclusive fabrics and fine natural fibers. It all started with the babywearing of her first child, expanded to one of the first baby shops in the Netherlands. Thousands of all types of fabrics went through her hands and so she began to appreciate not only all the great benefits of fabric making for wraps but also the creative part of the process. She traveled to Prague to study the art of making handwovens with the master, the artist, and an established legend in the world of babywearing.

There, in a small studio, she learned not only to weave the legendary handwoven, but to see art on every yarn, every knot, every turn of the handloom. This inspired her to start producing Solnce wraps. Although their wraps are woven on machine looms, she is involved in production at all stages. Solnce wraps are made in the Netherlands with premium yarns from the best and most reliable manufacturers.

Solnce Genesis Marble has a classic and elegant pattern in shades of gray, silver and steel specifically, 100% Egyptian cotton yarn that gives it an exceptional soft touch that reminds us of a wonderful blanket, so that the naps are guaranteed.

Although it only has 275g/m2 and one weft weave, it is a sturdy wrap, fantastic for both newborns and heavier toddlers and easy to adjust and supportive.

This was my first “serious” investment in the world of babywearing and to this day it has not disappointed me once, either for a simple slipknot or a bolder carry, needing only some adjustment over time.

“The time when our children are young is a very intense, wonderful and rewarding time in our lives. I believe that using babywearing is one of the ways to get the most out of it. And it is a pleasure to accompany you during this time with Solnce wraps, which I make with love and passion. ” Olga

Luciana Neves