Melanie U. J. – Germany

1. Tell us more about yourself. 
Hi, my name is Melanie! I’m 32 years old and I’m a Software Engineer from Germany. Together with my wonderful husband I have three children (9, 7 and 1,5 years).

2. Why/How did you decide to start babywearing? 
I read about babywearing before I had my daughter. The fact that babies tend to cry a lot less when worn got my attention!

3. Is babywearing a common thing in your country? What do people think about it?
Babywearing is quite common in Germany, although most of the people would still consider wraps as a ‘greenie’ thing. Most of the babies I saw were worn with a carrier!

4. What is your favorite carrier?
I mostly wear with wraps. For quick ups I use ringslings and on the go I sometimes use a fullbuckle.

5. Do you have a favorite carry?
My absolute favorite carry is scarf carry. I start with middle marker at my throat and no, you won’t strangle yourself, haha. For smaller babies and cuddly moments i prefer the classic FWCC.
I never managed to tie double hammock…

6. Did you feel any difficulties in your babywearing journey? 
It is difficult to not get addicted to the stunning wraps out there. So not spending allllll the money for new wraps is the only difficulty. 

7. What advice would you give to new parents? 
First I would advise new parents to go and see a babywearing instructor or workshop! You can try the different carriers and wraps without having to buy anything.  Second thing is to take some patience.. My children sometimes refused to let me carry them at first, but once they were safe and up, fell asleep pretty fast. So give them some time to adjust, most of the babies love it in the end! Last advise is to buy second hand. You’ll not only save a little money but also often get softer fabrics.

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