Brand: Wild Bloom
Model: Deep Water Ring Sling
Composition: 100% linen (stonewashed)
Size: 2.20m
Weight: 160 g/m2
Colour: Blue
Price: 119 €


Today I bring you the story of a brand that was totally unknown to me until I received this ring sling. Do you know Wild Bloom?

Wild Bloom was created by our dear Annette, who was once walking with her baby, hugged in a ring sling, through a meadow full of flowers and had the brilliant idea of creating this brand. One of the greatest joys of Annette’s life is being able to hug your babies as long as possible.

Now let’s talk about this beautiful ring sling…

This brand has a special and limited collection, whose baby carriers are hand-dyed, using everything nature offers us: garden, forest, prairie flowers. Dried or frozen flowers, tree leaves, bark, vegetables and even fruits. This way each baby carrier is unique. Neither have exactly the same tone as the other, but they are all made with immense love.

This ring sling named “Deep Water” is made of 100% linen, completely different from the sling we showed you earlier. It has 160 g/m2 and a blue tone that brings us to the depths of the ocean.

It is a ring sling that does not need much use to stay in point, as it has a very special feature. Do you know the stonewash technique? I did not know and so I did some research on the subject. A stonewash, as its name implies, is literally washing with stones. This method emerged in the 80’s, which gives jeans that look of used.

It has a thin and fresh fabric, does not offer any resistance to passing through the rings, a very common problem in this type of baby carrier.

It’s a great summer ring sling, very comfortable, which I would particularly recommend for younger babies. It is not at all prone to pull and so I would say it would be a good bet for those starting out in these deals.

But I can confess to you that not everything is pink. I really enjoyed this ring sling but not all the girls who tried it liked it and so I leave you some advice. We are all different, we can be skinny, full, tall, short, grumpy (: P) and so each of the baby carriers behaves differently in each person. Try, use and abuse this opportunity that is given to you through Panos Viajantes (and not only), rent and buy with awareness. Don’t buy it just because it’s fashionable, or because it’s cool to have a wrap of this or another brand, which then doesn’t fit and I have to sell it.

I say goodbye to you by showing you this wonderful landscape, our favorite spot when we go on holiday to the Allgarve.

Be happy ❤ See you soon.

Inês Rocha