Ice Ice Baby

Brand: Weird Slings
Model: Ice Ice Baby
Composition: 100% bio cotton
Size: 6+
Color: Mint
Price: 100€

Hello hello!

I’m back to talk to you about a wrap that caught my attention months ago… For sure everyone heard of Weird Slings! Not long agoc this brand appeared in the market with out of the ordinary designs like flies, french bulldogs, donuts, amogst others! As the name suggests, a bit weird! You can read more about this brand here.

In april I saw they would open a pre order for the ice cream wrap and I was excited! I’d loved the donuts wrap and this one, by what was talked about, seemed interesting too! I joined the group, kept an eye on it and followed the idea’s progress, the samples and I was even more excited! When the opportunity came to receive this wrap as a tester I couldn’t let it go away! It was months waiting but then one day… it finally came!!

By opening it I realized that it was a thick wrap, which is not my preference, but with so much malleability that I was super curious! And you know how I am, right?! I can’t wait for anything, so this wrap flew to the washing machine and to the clothesline the fastest I could!
As soon as it dried and I ironed it I saw the Loom to Bloom and I was in shock! It already was fluffy before, but with the wash the wrap gained volume and 3D texture! You can clearly see that the ice cream shadows gained volume and protrude (consequence of the sponge weave).

The first time I tried this wrap was still at home with a Double Hammock. Despite being a wrap with grip, I think it’s the right amount and then it is possible to slide the second layer easily, and once finished does not move anymore! Perfect for runaway toddlers ahahah!
As it is a thick wrap it makes a GIANT knot that is possible to minimize using rings or making CCB as we did.

On the last trip to Aveiro we went for a walk on the walkways and there would be no better wrap to test than this one! Little Alice fell asleep on the way there, and always kept sleeping in this wrap that looks like a blanket. There we go in FWCC and when I try to tie the knot…. I can’t!!! I had to ask for help, because as it is so thick I did not have the strength to tie the knot!

We walked a long time and always comfortable! This wrap is a fluffy cloud! It’s not a soft wrap at all, it has a texture that gives it a rougher feel, but not too much and is clearly a contrast to the wraps I’ve been using. A wrap with excellent support that carried 11kg walking without any adjustment and with very little bounce.

In short, this cloth is all that I imagined when I first saw it and now with the pre order opening for an Ice Ice Baby – On Black, I’ll be in for sure!! And you will miss the opportunity?!

 Bárbara Alves