ROAR-Miau Miau

Brand: Roar
Model: Miau Miau
Size: 5
Composition: 100% Egyptian Cotton
Weight: 270 Gsm
Color: Black and white

Hello, Hello!

I hope you entered autumn with your right foot, I confess that I would rather have a few more sunny weeks… And since I miss the hottest days I come today to show you a wrap that has enchanted me from the beginning!

You know ROAR, right? For those who don’t know, here is a small introduction:

ROAR means minimalism above all and the patterns are hand-made illustrations with inspirations in Scandinavian design. The brand is based on attention to detail, caring for simplicity and respect for the environment. In short, it is the joy of childhood poured over a canvas – the softness of a teddy, the images of the favorite book, the proximity of a father, the sense of security.
The quality of the wraps deepens the most important bond, love!

I’ve known the brand and been loving their wraps for a while now. The idea of having a wrap with a more free hand patterns, made from manual illustrations was really my thing! 

And for those who do not know I loooove cats… I have two, Flower and Bean! Unfortunately I can’t have more because one of them suffers from stress (I know, I know)……

So I got even more excited when I knew I was going to try their Meow Meow! It was love at first sight… The wrap came by our house before and after the tour! I couldn’t resist…

The first time I touched it, I thought of a baby blanket… Soft, soft, soft! This wrap has nothing rough… And it’s so beautiful!

Well, let’s start with the main points, we’re talking about a 100% Egyptian cotton wrap, with 270gsm. It is super malleable, which makes it very easy to adjust and how it has an intermediate weight works well for smaller babies and also for the heavier ones!

The comfort level is spectacular, we get a nice cush on the shoulders, which helps to withstand the weight for longer. My boy is featherweight, but the support was flawless from start to finish…

The fit itself is easy and stays in place, it has good grip! I didn’t feel the need to be adjusting in the middle of the strolls…

I found it a robust wrap, suited to any situation!

My only fear was that it would be too hot for a walk on a hot August afternoon… But I was surprised by the positive! Obviously we sweat (impossible not to), but we didn’t feel any discomfort, nor do we got our clothes wet…. So approved in that aspect too!

For me this wrap could stay here with us… It would be the third cat we can’t have! Hahahaha!

If you get a chance to try a ROAR, I’m sure you’ll like it!

You can peek at a few things on their new website:

See you next time.

Libânia Freitas

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