RoNa-Grow Baby

Brand: RoN
aModelo: Grow Bab
ycomposition: 100% Lin
hocolor: Blue an
d Pinkrecommended Age: 4kg up t
o 20kgAltura recommended: 52-
90cmpanel Dimensions: in width 27-42cm and Height 32-42Cmprice:
€100 (varies depending on the cloth used for conversion)

Hello again!

Today I come to talk to you about the importance of not giving up and persisting. 

RoNa Baby is a Ukrainian brand that was born from the immense will of a mother to carry her first child… But to read more about the history of the brand squeeze in here.

Who knows me and accompanied me in this discovery of the world of Babywearing knows that I am not a fan of backpacks, come from there these rags. There were even backpacks that, for lack of way or not, I could not use at all. All the backpacks caused me pain and discomfort, even the ones I could use for a little while. So, of course, I wasn't very enthusiastic when I knew I was going to try the RoNa Grow Baby, thought I might not be the best person to do this review. 

But if they're like me and they can't get comfortable with backpacks, they should definitely try this. I took her on a day trip with my nephews and how many times I regretted thinking I was going to be full of pain. The first astonishment was to be able to put Alex and adjust easily so that we both stayed comfortably well, after all it was the first time it happened, but the greater admiration was we had walked 1h without the slightest discomfort, pain or even need of adjustment Because even though the jumps and stradels always kept the fit and the badger? This one still fell asleep, finally found a backpack for me, after having tried several and have given up completely to the point of refusing to try a few.

If there was a lesson I learned, it was that when it comes to babywearing do not give up, try and persist, and without fear of asking for help. 

Its 100% linen fabric makes this backpack light and fresh, in a simple color junction and a subtle pattern that makes it simply beautiful. This girl has a wide belt comfortably cushioned, not too much, but the ideal that allows us to be comfortable without making a lot of volume and padded straps wide enough to minimize weight on the shoulders without discomfort.

It is an evolutionary backpack in height and width with two-point adjustment that accompanies the growth of the baby, being its recommended use in infants between 52-90cm with safe support up to 20kg. 

In short, I strongly recommend RoNa Baby, not only for the comfort of products, but for the wonderful patterns highlighting the good quality/price ratio for the quality represented.

And you know, try it, maybe you can surprise yourself when you least expect it. Don't let them peek ?

Anup Naik