Since 2010, Buzzidil has been the pioneer innovative and sustaining baby carriers. Buzzidil was the first to create, in June 2010, an evolutionary fullbuckle, where the seat width and height of the panel could be adjusted to the baby’s growth. All Buzzidil (Fullbuckle Buzzidil, Onbuhimo BuzziBu and Wraptai Wrapidil) baby doors can be perfectly tailored to small and large babies.
Their motto is “Baby Safety, freedom for parents.”
Buzzidil values fair production and ecological materials manufactured in Europe. They give importance to easy placement and comfortable transport: both front, back and hip carries.
In 2016, they launched the Wraptai – the baby carrier for babies from 0 to 4 years.
In 2017, they launched a new trend for a hybrid baby carrier, BuzziBu. BuzziBu is an onbuhimo that can be transformed into a backpack at the speed of light.