The Mamaruga brand was born from the need of its creator to add the ‘rainbow ‘ to the world of baby clothes. They always loved to create pieces full of colors, passion, love, tranquility and exclusivity. And these ingredients were what made their baby carriers special.
Mamaruga is a wonderful family creation. This beautiful family is in love with baby clothes. They love to do yoga and read children’s books. Having an affinity for children, animals and nature. They love taking pictures of people and cooking sweets on a cloudy and windy day. It is these precious things that inspire and add a special touch of spice to your life.
This is a so precious journey to them, because they can share their time and meet extraordinary people who give their work meaning. They love to help grow local economies and believe in the creation of products with low environmental impact.
For them the use of the loader is really the art of creating strong bonds, making the adult reenjoy his true self and enjoying every minute with his baby. This shows us that everything is connected and that is why we must live, breathe together in conscience. As their carriers are tested and approved by mothers and babies, you can be absolutely sure that they will be super cozy and offer unforgettable moments.