Hänschenklein, Gers

Hänschenklein began with her owner to be a person not as happy as she would like to be. Her biggest dream has always been to do professionally something she loved, where even on a Monday morning she would go lively to work.
Her father was a gynecologist and his mother a nurse, making her fall in love with everything that was related to children. As soon as her friends became parents, she began to take consciousness of the common discontent that existed related to the baby carriers, the slings “Made in China” and its very unattractive designs.
It was then she began to create a baby carrier that was timeless, exclusive but accessible and combining style with convenience.
The philosophy of Hänschenklein is to carry your child is a wonderful way that everyone knows, enjoying all the advantages of a hands free kit!
HÄNSCHENKLEIN® manufactures in Germany, supporting small family businesses that are involved in the process of creating our products.


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Website: https://www.haenschenklein.shop/de